Russia Sports learning flexibility – 12010

The theme for this week for the Russia “Sports” team has been
flexibility!  The team is learning how to be flexible and culturally
sensitive in a foriegn country.  Many of us arrived in Russia withcertian preconcieved notions about how our ministry would play out.
We have had to adjust our “normal” schedule to be considerate of the
waking and sleeping time of this country, especially when we have 20+
hours of daylight each day.  We have come to understand that although
we may already have a work project scheduled it is not uncomon to be
stopped in the middle of our work day to be asked to drop everything
to go play a soccer game at the local field.  Likewise we have
experienced simple miscommunications that can be comical.  Like whensomeone says, “The soccer game is only for girls” what they really
ment to say is, “we only have room for FOUR girls.”

The team spent the first two days of this week working at a church in
Shadrinsk helping them do some renovation work.  These were two VERY
long days but the team enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment as they
were able to sucessfully remove one story of brick wall in the church
in order to make room for a youth center.  Everyone was covered from
head to toe in the dust from the bricks and mortor and it took over 2
hrs to clean up the job site when they were done.  The team wishes
they would have been able to accomplish more, although their time was

Today the team was able to work alongside the Russian team at a VBS inour village.  The team did a skit called, “The Cage” and an invitation
for salvation was made to the children.  One little girl raised her
hand and indicated that she wanted to pray to receive Christ. Please
continue to pray for her.  The team was also able to play a game with
the small group of kids at the VBS.  We have been asked to return
until the end of the week.
Thoughts from the team members:

“I never thought I would be able to survive in the jungle with eight
other awesome team members.  Boot Camp, I don’t even want to think
about it or about the things I went through.  Sleeping was the worst
sleep I ever had.  Have you ever woken up in a pool of sweet?  Or of
course no one can forget the army of mosquitos eating you alive.  At
the Lord’s Boot Camp you can’t forget the positive things that came
out of this horrible place. Being in another country, meeting newpeople, learning new cluture it is one awesome incredible experience
of a lifetime!  I promise you, this is one of the best experiences
I’ve ever had.  Of course you can’t forget the Bible studies, seperate
times with the guys known as GG’s.  I’m glad I made this decision.
I’ve grown in God.  I’ve learned things I never knew.  Praise God!”  –
Anton Burstev

“After arriving in Russia there were a lot of things to get used to
but God has worked in my life and I am starting to really love the
pople and country of Russia and even though there is a language
difference the Russians have shown their love for God and us in many
different ways.”  – Martha Holter

“Here in Russia I have been learningpatience and trust.  Because of the
langauge barrier it is hard to communicate.  Therefore I need to be
patience to communicate instead of getting angry.  God has been
teaching me to trust in a way that His plan is best and I am supposed
to be where I am.  In another way I ahveen trusting Him in the words
to say and when to say them.”  – Micah Evans



  1. O Anton!

    Your comments make me smile and cry.
    You are growing strong spiritually and physically. I see that this mission trip gave you bust to your coming adult life. You are a strong young man. May your faith become vital part of rest of your life? May your heart be sensitive to lost souls, who need Jesus in their life? Let Jesus be your Capitan in your journey. He can protect you and keep you with his Love there on Earth and in Eternity forever.
    I am proud of you my Anton

  2. We really look forward to reading your updates! So good you all are flexible to follow God’s direction.
    what a wonderful opportunity you all are involved in- Keep looking for God’s “road signs”! We are praying for you.

  3. Glad you guys are flexible. I think that many times God uses the interruptions to create divine appointments! Blessings, you guys are in our prayers daily.

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