Germany 12007—2

Greetings from the Germany Camp team 12007 from Siloah Camp in Neufrankenroda, Germany!
The wood siding is now being put on the exterior of the building after a great deal of preparation, and it is going up quickly. The team continues to work well & with care. The building has come a long way and is looking good. We did two presentations on Monday – one for challenged adults in a sheltered workshop, the other for kindergarten children. Both went well and were well received. The kindergarten children sang two songs for us!
Weather continues with the usual “mixed bag” that is German summer weather – some sun, some rain, some thunderstorms, wind and cool temperatures.
Our two presentations were our outstanding experience. Both went very well and in the children’s one thez asked that we not do the “Battleground” drama, so Dave jumped in and led us ad lib in doing “Give Me A J” and “Dig A Hole”, which the children loved!  The children also sang two songs for us.

Thus far, this has been quite a summer! The Lord has blessed us with an amazing group of youth and two good assistant leaders. From the beginning, in Boot Camp, the team has been far more positive than negative, even when wet from the O.C., homesick or just struggling with the whole thing. Leaders Josh Marshall and Natalie Ressler have had alot to do with that since David and I had staff responsibilities that kept us from the team most of every day during Boot Camp.

Pack out was a bit more stressful than usual for me this year but David, Natalie and Josh, together with the team did all they could to help and make it as stress-free as they could.
Following our Commissioning, we were blessed to be able to take the team to our house for their party, showers, and sleep in an air conditioned location. I think they all enjoyed it very much, and we were pleased that some family members also came. Sarah Codding was especially a blessing – she hosted all the guys in her home down the street from us for their showers and aleep time and helped with the party and breakfast. Many thanks, Sarah, and all those who donated yummies for the party.
The flight to Germany took place at night – and, for the most part, all had a good sleep before arriving in Germany. We were met by Siloah folks who also brought lunch for us to eat on our 3-4 hour ride from Frankfurt to Siloah. They also hosted us for supper that night and gave us dorms to sleep in our first night.
Since then, the team worked hard to get their camp site set uip, clotheslines hung and then they have been working diligently on their project. They are residing a brick building with wood, and before they could start applying the siding, they had to remove stucco, bricks, dig down a bit below the foundation. They also had to put in a small retaining wall, replace some brick in a few places, and now they are actually to the point where they are adding siding.  In addition, they have done several presentations using music, puppets and drama for a variety of different groups – one large primary school group here at Siloah, a group of challenged adults, kindergarten children and some kids in a local Christian school (approximately grade 7-8 first year English students). While we are unaware of any committments made to Christ, we know we have planted a lot of seed and are trusting God for the harvest.
With less than two weeks remaining here, we are starting to be sad thinking about leaving. Team is determined to complete their work project. We thank God for every team member and the parents who allowed them to be part of this team – it has been a wonderful blessing to be with them.  Stephanie Spindler, Leader


  1. Thanks for good report. Mom received very welcome letter from Alex Wood. A little mix-up as Anthony Franco letter to his parents was enclosed in Alex’s letter. Would like to forward it on for Anthony but no address. Please help! Love & prayers, Grandma Martin

  2. Great report. Will definitely print out to post on the bulletin board at church. Katie sent a letter to her church family which our pastor read to the congregation Sunday morning. It was so sweet and with typical Katie humor.

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