Cambodia Team Report -12002

July 12, 2012

Monday the team got to see Angkor Wat and see for themselves what it was all about. That wasn’t the only place they got to see, they saw 4 other temples and saw how each was beautiful in its own way. Instead of riding on the truck to each of the temples we rode our bikes to each of the temple and while we biked we saw monkeys so we stopped to take pictures and watch them while they played. Overall it was a great day and we really enjoyed seeing another part of Cambodia.

Tuesday the team went and did evangelism in the market to spread the gospel. They go there a lot, but they don’t complain because they love every minute of it. I had the privilege of seeing Leah Hems and Peter Demos talk to this lady and they started to sing a song they learned in the Cambodian language and the lady really enjoyed it. I saw as the team just goes straight in to tell these people about Christ.

Wednesday we went to one of the BMW’s home villages to do a presentation with the BMW students. The difference between this village and the other villages we go to was we actually had to go and invite the kids to come and see the team’s presentation, which was a great experience because we had to go to their houses and talk to the parents and that was a great opportunity to tell them about Jesus. At 1:00 we started and what an experience kids AND adults were there to watch them do their presentations. They did games and songs and then split up to tell the kids the wordless book. Curtis Bates and Travis Carlson stayed behind to keep everyone laughing while they waited for everyone to come back. It was a great day of ministry because there were kids that raised their hands to receive Christ.

The Lord has really blessed our stay here in Cambodia, the weather have been a bit cool because of the rain, no one has been sick. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with no major problems. Lord willing, we hope to go to Kampong Chanong on Friday to help set up for the upcoming Boot Camp.

Victoria Profio- On Monday we went to Angkor Wat! It is so big! Besides just going to Angkor Wat, we went to four other temples. I even rode an elephant around a temple. It was so much fun. Each temple is so unique and beautiful. My favorite was one that was all in ruins, very mossy and taken over by trees and their roots. It was such a tiring, warm day, but very fun because we biked to each temple. We saw monkeys! On Tuesday we went and did evangelism. We had the opportunity to share the wordless book with many people. On Wednesday we went to a village with the BMW students, it was about an hour away form Siem Reap. We walked to different houses to invite children and their parents to come and learn English and sing songs. We also played games and shared the true Gospel with about 40 children and their parents. Praise the Lord! Before our presentation we ate at one of the BMWs birthplace. They served us rice, chicken that was alive in the morning, and soup with curry. The chicken was the bone and all. So yummy! The soup had papaya, pumpkin, leafy vegetables, coconut milk, lemongrass and much more! It was soothing and a perfect combo with the spicy chicken. I got a fresh young coconut. It was only 800 riel. (less than $0.25)

Leah Hems- Two days ago we got the privilege to see Angkor Wat and many other temples. Looking up at the massive structures it made me appreciate all the time and work that was put into every detail constructed with stone. It then made me think how God made me and all people so intricate and if one part of us is out of function we would break down. We also had the opportunity to travel to a village about an hour away to minister with the BMW students to the children and their parents.

Larissa Pingley- We have gone to Angkor Wat finally, but it was quite non-interesting. Of you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all. If you have been on an elephant you would not be able to compare it with my ride. We went shopping at the Night Market and I got some stuff. I have come to the point where I feel this is my home. God has talked with me every night, I am pretty sure when I become a BMW student this might be the first on my list for internship. I have come to LOVE Cambodia.

Curtis Bates- We saw five of the many temples in our area including Angkor Wat. After that we went and taught phonics and our regular lesson which once again we did not use the wordless book. After that we got into a semi-normal schedule. Today we went to a new place and went to people’s houses to tell them what we were doing, and quite a few showed up. I taught phonics and I forgot about that pointless “D” a couple of times. I have been having a great time so far.

Sharaya Lafortune- On Monday we were able to visit the amazing temple of Angkor Wat! It was very neat to see all the stone carvings on the temple walls, I cannot believe people actually make it…and then of course somehow lost it…Haha! We also got to visit four different and very cool temples. We may have been able to see more, but we decided that once you see five temples, you’ve seen them all, haha! I am still enjoying my days in Cambodia, doing the different ministries for children in villages and learning new things everyday. Getting to know the BMW students here has been fun as well, especially when we get to learn songs in their cool language, Khmer. Though I love Cambodia, I deeply miss my family back home. I always wonder what they might be up to at this moment, and imagine what I’d be live if they were here. It makes me extremely thankful for my family, I am blessed!

Peter Demos- We went to see Angkor Wat and it was colossal in size. But it was not the most exciting temple compared to the smaller surrounding ones. We were able to explore the smaller surrounding ones. We had ice cream there which was cold, but lacked flavor. At the base I met a dog we call Princess. She just had five puppies and live across the street, but always comes to visit when the gate is open.

Elsie Anne- Today was an excellent day of ministry in a village outside Siem Reap. We traveled to a village that had not been previously visited and presented the Gospel. We had to walk from house to house informing them of the time and location. I enjoyed being able to greet the people in the beautiful Khmer language. I love the Cambodian people more everyday, but I am also realizing how much love I lack. I am learning a great deal during library reading time as I read ‘Killing Fields, Living Fields’ a book about the history of the Cambodian church. One of my favorite ministries during our time here has been the daily evangelism sessions during which we cycle to the local market and talk to those trying to sell souvenirs to tourists. Yesterday I prayed for the opportunity to speak to a Cambodian muslim and within the next hour I had lengthy conversations with two. I learned that most Cambodian muslims are Sufis and live in Kmpong Cham province.



  1. Indeed! Praise the Lord!!!

  2. Alan & Debbie Bowman

    So glad to see you made it Dre. We are excited for you and know the Lord will continue to accomplish much in the hearts of these Cambodia people.
    Praying for you and the entire team for health, safety and that many will be brought to the Lord.

    Blessings, Grampa & Gramma

  3. Leah and Elsie Anne, You’ve been in my prayers as you and your team minister to the Cambodian people. It’s been exciting hearing from your mom and dad who have read your journal entries to our Sunday school class. While looking into some of next years trips for Jordan, I was happy to find this update! It sounds like you are having a life changing experience touching peoples lives for Jesus. I will continue to pray for you both!

    Blessings, Karen

  4. Praise the Lord!

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