Canada starts project – 12072

Today was the first day on a full schedule.  Most of the morning was spent working outside at the camp – moving dirt, clearing brush, hauling away tree limbs, and the like.  A good portion of the afternoon was spent preparing our presentation and beginning the study on the fruit of the Spirit.  The female leaders have been feeding us well.  The chicken salad last night, cinnamon toast this morning, and chicken dumplings for lunch today have all been big hits.  We had our first group devotions on the base last night.  The leaders will each take a turn to get things started, and then team members will begin taking turns.

“We had a crazy time flying into Canada.  I’m glad we got here safely, even though it took longer than expected.  I’m having a great time and my team members are fun.  We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I know as a team we can finish it.  I love and miss my family.”  –Max

“When we got here, we got here late at night at the airport.  The other half of the of team was screaming that they missed us, and what they did on the plane, and who they sat with, and how glad they were to see us.  After that, we loaded our luggage on the bus.  We had an hour drive and everyone was talking about the day and how it went and how long the flights were.  When we got to Outlook, we slept at the missionary’s house.  And most of that was on my birthday.”  –Elizabeth


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  1. elise(lauren's mom)

    We are praying for you guys continually. Glad everything is going well. Remember everything you do you do for Christ…so even planting a flower is for Him. Let your light shine so everyone around will want to know Him. We will be praying for each and every one of you.

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