Greetings from Trinidad! 12031

Greetings from Trinidad! What a great two days we have had. Ever since arriving, we have had three visits from the Trini nationals with dishes so delicious, we are sure to gain all the weight back lost at Boot camp in no time. The Trinis have been so welcoming and generous. The team started the project today. There was already a foundation poured and a few layers of block layer before we arrived. Today was focused on backfilling the first floor to prepare for pouring the concrete slab, they were also digging a trench to install a new waterline to the church. The rain proved to make the work a bit difficult and muddy, still their spirits were high and the team got quite a bit of work done. Before arriving, the church had a bit of trouble with the waterline and plumbing for the church and we have had hardly any water and if we did, it was a only a trickle out of one faucet at a time. Filling buckets and cooking became quite a task. Sean and pastor Gerald worked all day today on the plumbing and was able to get it fixed. There is now a steady stream and great water pressure. The weather has been interesting, sunny one minute and rainy the next, cloudy and surprisingly cool. All team members are well with a few coughs and sniffles here and there. They have really been enjoying the local food provided for us and are very excited about the baked shark that will be coming in a few days. Tomorrow night will be our first church service With the church and we are all looking forward to worshipping with such lively people. Please continue to lift our team up in prayer, they are really working well as a team. Here are a few little testimonies from some of the team members…

James sanders writes, ” Here in Trinidad there is so much rain and yet there is low water pressure, so the rain what we use for our bath water. The Trini people are very kind and love to show you a good time. I love the people and the place and can’t wait to see more.”

Lila Touchstone writes, ” We are here in Trinidad. The first thing we saw as we flew in we’re the mountains, oh we’re they gorgeous,! We unloaded at the airport than drove to the church where we will be staying. It is two stories and is painted a bright green color. It is real nice with lots of large windows. The Trinis here were kind enough to bring us our first meal. We had rice mixed with vegetables, scalloped potatoes, salad, chicken and a macaroni dish that was very good. I love the people, they are so real about their faith. I had so many people who asked me about my faith, my church and so on. I loved it. I love being in a place where God is so real to the people.”



  1. Wooooo Hooooo for Team Trinidad!!!!! So cool you guys are there and doing the work you are doing. We are so proud of all of you! You have no idea how many people are learning from your example and watching as God works through you guys and girls. We are soooo excited for Darian and his church, C3 in Portsmouth VA sends their prayers. We cannot wait to hear more about what you all are doing and how you are sharing the Gospel!!!!!

    Matt Moore

  2. Haley the family is all here, they love and miss you and cant wait till you get home! Glad you all arrived with no incidents! Grandpa and Grandma send bigs hugs and kisses ! uncle scott says hi!

    we love you, thanks for the updates, praying daily

  3. I love to read these updates. Through your experience I feel as though I’m there too. I continue to pray for the team and admire your selflessness. I know I have said it before but Trinidad Team you inspire me and many more. Love you guys…

  4. PAUL Masters told me about this site. We are friends of the Schraders; so now I can follow along with Christian’s mission. Enjoy your mission. I understand the weather there is always between 75 and 85.

  5. Thank-you so much for these updates, I am always looking to see if there is some news from Trinidad! Then I can pass it on to Abby’s family and friends. My team to Liberia in 1983 also got top score out of 51 teams! Great to hear they did so well! We could really use some of your rain here, we are having a very hot, hot summer and our lawn is like straw . . .no rain and too much sun. That’s what I thought you all would have in ‘sunny Florida’ and in Trinidad, seems like a role-reversal! The food sounds great and it’s encouraging to hear the project is making way. Our prayer and love are with you all. . .Blessings, Kim Wahl

  6. It is good to hear from James! I am glad that work is progressing regardless of the weather. It is so good to see immediate rewards to work on the plumbing!

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