Montana arrives in Billings – 12030

Greeting Parents. Praise the Lord we’ve arrived in Billings Montana. It was a pretty long journey but also a great journey. The highlight of the journey would probably be seeing Mount Rushmoore in South Dakota. We praise the Lord that He provided a place for us to stay everytime night came. You know already that our first stop was in Evansville Indiana. We left the next morning and traveled to Illinois and then Missouri. We drove through St. Louis and saw the arch. Unfortunantly we could not find a place for the bus to park so we just saw it from the bus.
      After we went through St. Louis we drove through Iowa and Spent the night at a place called Jerico Hills. We got there pretty late and left pretty early in the morning so we didn’t get to see a lot of the place but apparently it’s a pretty big camp with a lot of activities there. We left the next morning and drove to South Dakota and spent the night at a church. The Lord provided a church for us to stay and it came at just the right time, at night time.
      The next morning we got back on the bus and headed to Mount Rushmoore. We’ve seen  Mount Rushmoore on tv and in books but there’s nothing like seeing it in real life. After we saw Mount Rushmoore we drove throgh Wyoming. It was neat to see all the mountains as we drove by. The team cheered out loud as we entered into Montana. Praise the Lord! Paula Yost, one of the leaders, has a brother who lives in Montana and his church generously allowed us to stay there. We will probably be arriving at the Indian Reservation later this evening. God was always there with us and is still there with us. We praise Jesus for allowing us to make it there safely.
      We had one of our team members write a short blurp about the trip. Every team member will have at least one chance to write a blurp for the website.
Written by Eli White: This is a very long trip. Public service announcement. School buses don’t do well in St. Louis! We did get to see the Arch but in the bus. It must have been a sight to see a school bus drive, in the summer, in St. Louis, driving around.


  1. Happy to hear of your safe arrival. I thought I saw Bob driving the bus in one picture? Are the Yosts with you? Such wonderful leaders but have never known them to lead a teen team. I am so thankful for the wonderful adults who come forward each summer to lead the youth, without you TMI would be impossible. Praying for all of you!

  2. Go Montana team!!! Glad you made it there safely. Thanks for the update Eli!!! We are happy to hear from you!! We are all praying for you and the team!! Be blessed as you are a blessing to the people there and let your light shine for Jesus!! Uncle Gary and Aunt Amy

  3. Kathy (Burdick) White

    I’m sure it was quite a sight to see the big TMI bus driving all over St. Louis. Thanks for sharing Eli. I’m glad to hear you’re all having a great time and that you arrived safely in Montana!

  4. So glad to hear from you! And that our Lord has led the way and kept you safe. Praise His holy name indeed! In spite of your long hard journey, I hope you are all filled with joy and excitement in your service to the King. I am in awe of you! Thank you for being His hands and feet. I pray that you will be richly blessed as you bless others in the name of Jesus!
    Please keep those posts and pictures coming!

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