Australia Preteen – 12070

The Australia PreTeen team arrived in Australia just as the rain did.  It has rained each day since then.  The rain starts and stops, but mostly starts and goes.   We arrived in the rain on Tuesday, and the rain has been here: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today, Saturday.  The weather report says it will rain tomorrow, Sunday, and may stop on Monday for a few hours, then, start up again Monday afternoon and continue for many more days.
We were supposed to be doing digging and cement work outside, but have not been able to do that yet.  We are working in two buildings (dorms and housing and offices) taping off areas to not be painted, and then painting.  The work is slow and steady, so they can do it right the first time.  They are working in two groups, with the BMW students who are studying and living at the TMI Australia base.  They also eat lunch and supper with us, to the kids are getting to know them well.  There are 7 students and 7 team members.
We live in small rooms in Adam dorm.  We have a kitchen and an open, covered area for eating and classes.  There are bathrooms and Mr. Scott fires up a wood fire to heat the water.  It took 3 days of experimenting with it but finally, Friday night, we all got warm showers!  Yea!
Our classes are going well and we enjoy our sharing time after our personal devotions.  The leaders have done the evening devotions, but the team members will be taking over for us beginning Sunday.
We are learning alot.  Today we are having a little Australia day.  We learned to eat Tim Tams after breakfast, with our hot chocolate.  Yummy!  Today, at lunch, the man who donated the property will eat with us and we will celebrate his 83rd birthday with him.  He will share stories with us about the property, the birds, animals and trees on the property.  Tonight, we will try out another Australia food on saltine crackers.  It is called VeggieMite.  It will be interesting.  Mrs. Karen and Miss Ema have had it before and we like it best with crackers, not bread, so that is why we are giving it to them with saltines.
We will have the team members share a line or two in the next report.  Pray for us.  Thank you everyone.


  1. Praying you can take a moment for an update since it’s been over a week since we’ve heard anything from our Australian team. Praying faithfully for you! Hope the rains have let up and that God is using you for His plans and purposes.

  2. We would really love to hear an update on how you are doing and specific ways we can be coming along-side you in prayer. Looking forward to hearing what you are learning in your time in God’s Word!

  3. Sounds like an awesome learning experience and great way to share the word of god

  4. There were 9 team members at BC…did two not go? Enjoy your time with Des and or Roly!!! Hope they figure out that Caleb is David’s son! 🙂

  5. Is it des or Rolly that will speak. I went on the Australia team in 88. Loved it down there as well. Dont feel bad about the rain because it happen to us as well. That year we got to go to the Worlds Fair while we were there. Glad that you made it to Australia. Will keep you guys in my prayers.

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