Haiti School – 12017

Greetings in the name of the Most High God!
We have arrived in St Marc! God is good and we are safe and everyone is in good health. Travel was quite exciting and the flight was very short. We arrived in Port Au Prince around noon and proceeded to customs. After getting everyone through customs we collected our baggage and found out that we were missing 7 bags. Air France told us that the flight was over booked and that the bags would come the following day and we could come and pick them. After coming out of customs the team headed for the vehicle pick up zone, we had about 100 people ask if they could carry our bags, so it was a little hectic, but we made it to where we could be picked up. Two trucks showed up for us from a mission in St Marc and we loaded our bags in one truck and people in the other and began our journey to the Mary Austen School. The team was super excited to be on our way. The drive took two and a half hours. We arrived in downtown St Marc and met our contact, Dan, who is from South West Florida. Dan took us into town and we bought some needed supplies. We headed up the mountain to the school and began the process of settling in.
After a day of setting up camp, working toward a functioning kitchen, meeting many of the pastors and people in charge of the school, making a few needed trips into town for things that were missing from our missing luggage, we are finally ready to start work.As for the locals, there are people everywhere and there is much ministering to be done. There are literally scores of young children everywhere! I over heard some of the team members saying how blessed we are in the US and Canada. From what we saw in Port Au Prince, it is easy to see the Haitian people are in great need physically, but the greater need is spiritual. The few tent cities we saw on the way out to St Marc, were mind boggling. So, please pray for Haiti and please pray for us as a team. God is working in all of our lives and we have already seen transformations in many of the teens. In closing I will say we have some eager evangelists amongst us. Two team members, Alex Temple and Tristen Sweitzer, were sharing Christ with a man on the flight into Haiti. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to them pray with him. I was able to provide him with a Bible I had in my backpack. Also, on the way out of the airport, while I was purchasing minutes for my cell phone, there was a woman laying on the floor who had collapsed and my wife prayed over her and she was able to get up and walk out of the store! There is power when you pray in the name of the Jesus! The woman was very thankful for the prayer. So, please continue to pray for us as a team, God is working and there is much to be done for the Kingdom of Christ.


  1. What a wonderful update. It is clear God is doing great things in and through this team. Praying for lots of devine appointments for you all. God bless & keep up the good work!

  2. What a wonderfully spiritual experience. I’m so thrilled for these kids to be able to have such a great thing in their young life. Who knows how many this will effect… Even those of us watching and praying from home.
    Love you TONS Alyssa. <3

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I am so excited and blessed to hear from our team. We are grateful for the opportunities all the team will have to grow in our Lord Jesusduring their time in Haiti. Please report as often as you can.

  4. Praise God for your report! I am thrilled to hear of how the teens are taking this all in, becoming even more thankful for what we have here in the U.S. Exciting to hear of Alex and Tristen sharing Christ with that man and your wife praying for the woman in need. God is at work, bringing life to those around through you and the team! 🙂 Will continue to pray for you all…

  5. Praise God that you made it. Yes we are very blessed. I have a friend that was a missionary to Haiti. She became good friend with a lady while in Haiti. This lady at the time had a 2 year old little boy that was only 20 pounds. The lady asked my friends to adopt her son because of poor condition and she was in fear that her son would die because she could not afford to feed her baby all the time. Praise God, the missionary couple was able to adopt the little boy and is doing well and is now 16 years old. I hope that God does a miracle while you are in Haiti. Glad you made it safely.

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