Indiana busy at fairs – 12071

Hello from Evansville, Indiana,

Our leaders: Jason, Krissy, Heather and Jessica are excited to share with you about our group. Our journey to Indiana by bus went vey well. On Monday, we stopped near Atlanta, GA, at the New Beginnings Church where they fed us dinner and allowed us to sleep there for the night. It was a blessing. Emery, our driver, is a blessing too. Tuesday, we made it to Indiana to TTT, which stands for Telling the Truth to and through teenagers. We unloaded quickly and then split into groups to head to our first fair. Some of the preteens were reserved and nervous but we all prayed for God to give us courage. Nate was our first ‘brave surveyor’, and the first boy he spoke with accepted Christ! Christopher lead two others to the Lord. Elijah also led someone to the Lord. Alan, Zach and Rebecca went with Miss Jessica and Miss Shelly, staff at TTT. They were able to survey many and one individual accepted Jesus. It was neat to see our kids out there sharing the Gospel, high-fiving one another when someone responded to the Gospel. We have been to fairs the last two days, surveyed about 200 people with twenty salvations. Elise said that this was her first time talking to someone whom she didn’t know about the Lord. Alana’s enjoyed being in conversation with each new teen God has brought her way. Sean got right in there and, I believe, has led three or four to the Lord.

Our whole team is excited to see God move through us. The Heavens are having a party because of the work that has been accomplished.

Jessie-Coffman- God has blessed us with TTT, somewhere to stay and someone who cares. PRAISE THE LORD! Second day, normal day, actually as normal as it can get while in Indiana. Many team members been homesick but me…I guess God didn’t want me to be an emotional person!



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  1. Great update! I was hoping there would be a new one today. 🙂 Keep them coming!

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