New Zealand – 12009

Team new Zealand is on the down hill slide with only 11 more days left here.  This past week has been typical is that the team is divided up and sent to various work sites or EV locations.  A constant group of Jamie Llewellyn, Rachel Marcy, spencer Oliver, Daniel shields and asst. leader Robert Hinson have been going to assist an organization called 0800 Hungry.  It is a non-profit organization that puts together boxes of food that have been donated from the area stores.  During the week the food is divided up and on Friday the parcels are delivered to those in need.  Those that have gone have truly enjoyed themselves.

We have also continued to send out team members to various schools to entertain and share The Word.  The schools have been on holiday the past two weeks and have a type of day camp open in the areas.  Our kids have gotten to know a few of the kids as some are there everyday.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Hanmer hot springs.  We are very excited to go and relaxe in natural hot springs and possibly play in the snow.

Team New Zealand asks for prayers for Ainsley Steward and her family as they have lost a family member this week.

Rachel Marcy:
New Zealand has been an incredible experience by far, and I’ll thoroughly miss being here.  It’s true what they say.  You learn a great deal about yourself and others while on missions for the lord.  The past week I have served in the outreach of 0800 Hungry.  I genuinely love the work we do in the warehouse, along with hearing the stories of the local volunteers we are working with.  When we get to go out and deliver food parcels we see the heart of Christchurch.  It’s very broken here and we see such gratitude on the faces of the people we deliver to.  We a able to pray for each family or individuals by name and that’s the real ministry and blessing.  So keep praying for our team and the community here.  “Your face, lord, I will seek”

Jamie Llewellyn:
My experience here so far has been one of the best.  Sometimes, it gets really hard, but I keep telling myself that God put me on this team for a reason.  He knew I would be able to get through it.  Three of my teammates and I have been working in a food bank this past week.  It’s been a lot of fun.  The director of the food bank calls me peanut because I’m so short.  I love new Zealand, it’s official!


  1. So proud of our “Peanut” Jamie–she’s using the skills she’s developed working in our church Food Closet each month. I know she will miss being part of a team and will have a bit of a time adjusting to being an only child again.

    I’m glad the kids are all reaching out to the folks down there and also learning about themselves and their walks with the Lord.

    Am praying for the Stewards.

  2. A wonderful update on Team New Zealand! Praying for the team and especially for Ainsley Steward and her family. Praying that they will be comforted by the Lord’s Holy Spirit and that they will all know His care and the hope that we have in Him. So encouraged to hear how the Lord is using the whole team (and especially Rachel!) and drawing each of you closer to Him! Can’t wait to see Rachel and hear all the things that she’s learned — we all miss her! We’re already planning our next trip to TMI to volunteer!

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