Southern Sudan – 12005

The South Sudan team continues to struggle through difficulties of waiting.
Heavy rains have blocked some roads to the sources of the sand needed
for the building construction.  After finishing the digging of the
foundation on Tuesday and Wednesday July 10 and 11, the team had to
wait on Thursday for materials to arrive at the site.  On Friday there
is now cement, bricks, and small amounts of sand and rock, so the
laying of the concrete in the foundation can begin.

On Thursday the team taught the English song “Jesus loves me” to a
group of 50 – 75 elementary school students at the Goja Primary
School.  The South Sudanese students were shy and hesitant to sing,
but with urging of a teacher, they joined us.  The team sang several
additional songs with guitar accompaniment played by team member Grant

The team is using the waiting time to study TMI lessons on Godly men
and women behavior and Bible studies and reading missionary

The team is preparing to participate in the church service at the Goja
Episcopal Church on Sunday.  They will sing several songs, one of the
members will give a testimony, and the team leader will preach.

The delays and the slow progress in the construction have tested the
team’s perseverance. With one week remaining in Goja, the team is hoping to complete the
concrete foundation and slab of the preschool building.

Thank you for your prayers.

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