Work continues in Ireland – 12006

Today local Jehovah witnesses stopped by Ireland Outreach to talk with our team about their beliefs. One of the team members was able to give them some of our coins with John 3:16 printed on them. Every where in the world people are searching for truth. It is sad that so few go to the Author of life to find real truth. We aim not only to bring God’s truth to Ireland through our team, but to saturated oursleves in the Word of God that we might be Christ’s disciples this summer and beyond.

Last night the team attended the Wednesday night prayer service at Fairview Hall in Dublin. At the church the team has been able to interact with people from many different European countries. There are also several Indian families which attend making it a diverse congregation.

Our work projects are progressing more rapidly. We have all the forms up on the octagon-shaped gazebo foundation. We plan to pour the footers tomorrow, and will finish the slab on Tuesday. It’s great to see the team’s hard work come together at last. We have finished planting 7 of 8 trees, and are now digging the holes for the rose bushes. The team worked very hard to weed the hill where the rose are being planted, and to layer it with rocks and dirt. They are becoming quite the landscaping experts. Our work on the shed and the front wall has been temporarily halted as the tree service company is removing a few trees in those areas. We hope to begin stuccoing the shed and digging at the front wall again tomorrow. Please pray that we will have good weather for all the work we have to complete.

It rains here about half of the days. Even when it is sunny, cool breezes sweep across the land making us reach for sweaters only to discard them again when we are warmed by the intense sunlight. We are near the Ocean and even have a beautiful view of the water from the upper floors of the Ireland Outreach building.

Testimony by: Caleb Putnam

Throughout this trip I’ve been learning and receiving more and more about God. Before this trip I had known God and had loved Him, but he was never really a friend in my mind. In these past weeks I’ve grown closer to God when I’m hammering, shoveling, reading and praying. This whole experience has brought the Holy Spirit truly into my life. When I return home I want to keep growing in the Lord. While I’ve been in Ireland I’ve realized how much I really have back home. I’ve learned to appreciate my bed, my roof, dry clothes. All of these things are blessings from God. In this trip my eyes have been open to these things. Thank you Teen Missions for what you provide for teens around the world, the chance to come and spread the Word and learn it at the same time. It is truly a great blessing for me and others.

Testimony by: Emily Howell

God has taught me so many things! I have been able to trust him more in everything I do. i know that he’ll take care of everything even when I doubt in certain situations. Especially when he puts certain people in my life and I either get aggrevated by them or we just don’t get along. I know when God does that he has a special plan for me and that person. The one thing that I’m thankful for here in Ireland is the people here at Charleville (Ireland Outreach) and my team. They are my spiritual family and I thank God for each and everyone of them.



  1. It is so nice to hear about all you are getting to do! Can’t wait to hear more stories! Love you Karen!! Joanna and Richard

  2. Pastor Mark and Jill Wright

    Praying for you, Karen, and team! Be blessed today. He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.

    Mark and Jill Wright
    Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
    Louisville, KY

  3. Alex, I’m so proud of you. You are such a brave young lady. I miss you so much! I think about you all the time, and hope someday soon, to see you. I would love to hear all about this amazing trip. I love you with all my heart!
    Love, dad

  4. ISounds like your doing great work, I am so proud of you Alex, I love and miss you dearly, keep up the good work, hope to talk to you soon,,love always Kiley

  5. Sounds like your doing great work, I am so proud of you Alex, I love and miss you dearly, keep up the good work, hope to talk to you soon

  6. Jerry and Rebecca Putnam

    Our hearts are filled with the joy of the Lord as we read your testimony. We want to be part of your continued growth in His Word and His Love when you return home. In the meantime, keep up the good work, Team Ireland! Teen Missions is pretty awesome, huh?
    O & P

  7. Paul & Jocelyn Geier

    Rebekah! Greetings from Virginia! Glad to hear of the work you are doing in the Lord and the work the Lord is doing in you. Keep sowing and in due time you shall reap. 🙂 Gal 6:9
    Love, Mom & Dad

  8. Sad to not see more pics this week but love hearing the updates! Love and miss you amaris! Hope your opening your heart fully for what God has for you.

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