Zambia Water Filter settles in – 12021


What an amazing day!

The team arrived in Lusaka on Wednesday night with all of our luggage…Praise the Lord. Our flight had been delayed out of Addis Ababa, but the TMI Zambia staff were there with a bus and truck. We overnighted at a Church and then piled into another TMI vehicle for the trip to the base in Ndola. We were delayed for awhile with a flat tire (inside dual), but we were able to have it changed at the truck stop. Doug Petersen and the Zambian BMW students greeted our team at the base with awesome singing and a warm welcome.

We unloaded our food from the duffles and the students helped our team to setup the tent site. All the team enjoyed being able to finally get clean and after supper, we joined the Zambians for devotions and singing… wow… we really enjoyed their heartfelt worship.

Thank you for all your prayers. We’ll plan to send a more detailed report soon.



  1. Michele L. Siemasko

    Are there any new updates wednesday July 18th? Sincerely, Michele [email protected]

  2. Michele L. Siemasko

    Praying for you all, For Safety & comfort as your all doing amazing witnessing when Serving Our Lord & Savior! Thank you for the updates!Michele L. Siemasko

  3. Loving all of the information–Please continue to keep us posted.

  4. Michele L. Siemasko

    So Wonderful to see updates!, An Incredible experience for you all, Witnessing God’s Love & Grace!Love the team photo!Sincerely, Michele L. Siemasko

  5. Wow–made it and with all the bags! We will continue to lift your team up in prayer. keep going strong Team Zambia.

  6. Awesome! Praying for you guys. God bless.

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