Zimbabwe shares the Gospel – 12003

Hello again, and greetings from Zimbabwe.  
The team is all in good health; no one has been sick since our last report.   The weather continues to be amazing (in the 70’s during the day, and 40’s in the evenings).  However, it would be greatly appreciated if you all would pray for rain for Zimbabwe.  This country has not seen rain in the past 10 years.  Everything is incredibly dry, and growing food for the people is nearly impossible.
Dispite the difficulties the country faces, the people are incredily friendly and open to God’s Word.  It has been an amazing few days for the team as they continue to go to various schools daily.  In our last three presentations, more than 400 students came to know the Lord.  It is such a privilege to be able to plant the seeds.  The students at the Zimbabwean Teen Missions Bible College will be following up with each of these schools and holding group studies for the seeds to take solid root.  
On Saturday, we will have a special privilege.  A group of young orphans will come to the base where we are located.  We will again have the opportunity to share God’s word.  Following that, there will be a great time of playing games and just hanging out with the kids who will spend the night at the base.  On Sunday, they will go to church with us, and then return to their residence.  The team is very excited about this opportunity to minister to the kids for a longer period of time.
Here are some more thoughts from team members.
Jessie Castro – It’s very evident that God is workin in the lives of not aonly the children to whom we are ministering, but also in the lives of the team members.  A great number of kids have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.  It has been such a blessing to step out of my comfort zone in the U.S. And see the way God is moving in the lives of people here in Zimbabwe.  Being able to see changing lives has reminded me of how great our God is and how much He has blessed us with the change to humbly serve and glorify His name.
Kyle Batchelor – I have been a Christian for some time.  I know God loves me.  But I had a relationship with Him like a bad connection on a cell phone.  It would still be that way if my parents hadn’t made me go on this missions trip.  I was a little rebellious, so I didn’t care if the funds were raised or not.  But God cared, and all the funds came in the week before Boot Camp.  I thought it would be a waste of 2 months of my life.  But God has spoke to me through all the Christian speakers.  I could feel God talking to me in almost every talk.  I have grown closer to God in these past 4 weeks than in my entire Christian life.
Robert Upton – I’ve realized that as Americans, we are so blessed.  Here in Zimbabwe, the schools are so poor, but the kids are ecstatic when they receive shoes.  My experience washing children’s feet has taught me humility, but I also see where it needs to improve.  I’m learning inspired by what I am learning in evening devotions each night.  Please keep praying!



  1. It is always wonderful to hear the amazing things about this team. I pray that your last week is a blessing for the team and for all the people you get to witness to. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Zimbabwe Team!!! We continue to pray for you and the people of Zimbabwe. May you see with God’s eyes and feel with God’s heart as you give and receive from the people of Zimbabwe. We rejoice over the goodness of our God! Sending our love, Amanda’s Mom and Dad (Debbie and Jim Milley)

  3. Linda Weatherford

    I pray for the people of Zimbabwe and for the rain they need to grow food. Thank you, God, for each of the members of the team and for each person this team has come into contact with during their stay. May the Holy Spirit continue working long after the trip is over. Amen!

  4. It has been wonderful to go on this trip with the updates we can feel like we are there and be praying specifically for them and each days activities. How wonderful it will be when we are all in heavena and see the beautiful faces of these new believers who will be there because this Zimbabwe team took the summer to go and share God’s love and gospel. Thanks for the updates we are keeping you covered in prayer. Holly Howell (Bethany’s Mom)

  5. As I read this update, I am humbled. It’s pouring rain as I write and it hasn’t done so in a few weeks – wow (hear my sarcasm)!! We were praying for rain for our lawns and flowers…selfish! I can’t IMAGINE 10 years! I’m so thankful for the experiences that the team is having and will continue to pray multiple times a day…rain is now added to the list!!

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