Italy sharing the Gospel – 12013

We are on our third day in Florence and it has been a tremendous experience for our team to partner with this ministry, Christ is the Answer. We have been sharing Christ through our dramas, songs, and personal testimonies.  Ahnie Loncle and Sarah Powell shared the wordless book to a crowd of people in the town square and Deke Peirce and Gabriela Powell were able to lead a young man to the Lord following the drama. His English was limited but he was very interested to hear all they had to share. We praise God for the wonderful work that the team is doing.

Our first day out the ministry drove us to a beautiful park in the mountains and we had a wonderful spread of Italian cuisine.  One of the men on the team from Iraq shared his testimony about his conversion from Islam to Christianity and how he was imprisoned for his faith before he fled his country. It was a beautiful day for us all.  Today our team split up and half of the team went to a farther location and is spending the day out evangelizing. Ashley Mitchel has been our song director for most of the time. The other half of the team has traveled to a different location and has returned for the afternoon meal. They are enjoying showers and a short siesta before they will go out on the street for more evangelism this evening. Mackenzie Mask has been our back up song leader for the second group. We have so many song birds on our team and it has been a joy for them to perform.

Dayzee Card stayed back today with a leader due to a slight fever and sore throat. Colds have been making their rounds on the team, so please be praying for strength and renewed health.  They are still feeling some fatigue from traveling  and the weather has been hot, in the 90’s.  Their spirits are high and they are all enthusiastic about evangelizing.

We are not anywhere near the earthquakes that have recently happened in Italy. Everyone is safe. To follow are a few team member testimonies.

Ashton Will
“It is great in Italy. I am enjoying the weather. It is warm during the day and cold during the night. There are very few bugs and the scenery is breath taking. The people at Christ is the Answer are very nice.  I really enjoy the drives we have to different places to evangelize.  Teen Missions has definitely made me thankful for the comfort of my home (there is a large uncomfortable rock that I cant remove beneath my tent). We can feel the presence of God here in this place.”

Karly Anderson
“When we got to Italy after 10 hours to Germany, an hour layover, and an hour flight, we got to rest at the Powell’s new home. To get to the home, we had to carry the bags that didn’t fit into the two tiny cars.  We got on the bus with everything under the bus except our backpacks and green Publix bags. The bus made me motion sick with all the constant stops. Most of us fell asleep which eased my sickness.

When the bus got to our stop, we filed out. We rushed to get our 12 left over bags out of the bottom of the bus.  We waited at the train station for Becca to buy our subway tickets. After the long wait, we rush under ground to the subway.  You could not bend the ticket or it wouldn’t work. The subway doors stay open for about 20 seconds. We had a hard time getting some of the bags through the doors.  We waited 3 stops to force our way out. A vehicle helped us transport some of our luggage to the apartment. We walked about 1/4 mile with our remaining luggage.  After 3 flights of stairs we arrived. Our trip to the apartment was hard and long but we survived.”


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  1. Melissa and Eric Rineard

    We love you team Italy!!!We enjoyed getting to know all of you when we got to go to bootcamp and meet all of you.We love you all especially Erica Marie Rineard.We are back safe in South Dakota and are praying for each of you!!God bless you all-Eric and Melissa Rineard

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