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Wow, I can’t believe commissioning was a week ago! The team is settled in and getting the hang of things here in Malawi. We praise the Lord that all of our bags did come the next day! TSA opened a lot of them and all the food was in different duffel bags. Teen Missions sends bags with supplies for our bases with the teams. The missionaries came to us a couple days later with all kinds of food that had gotten mixed up during the security check. The lady leaders where glad to get the missing food!

 We have started our project of planting a garden and building a fence around it. The ground is super hard and we have to put water in the holes as we dig. We have to keep breaking up the ground so that is will be soft for the seeds. It is hard work but the team knows that this garden will have a impact long after we leave Malawi. Last year they built a garden in the same place but the cows and goats got into it. Because we are building a fence around it they will have a better chance to keep it going. They don’t have post hole diggers here so they team has been using crowbars to dig it out the holes for the fence posts!. In the afternoons the team plays and spends time with the orphans at the Melisa Foster Orphan Rescue Unit. The team loves this time and can’t wait to see all of the children come running towards them. The team members are starting to see just how much they have in North America. One of the Malawi children is a small, who is 4 years old. But he looks like he might only be 2. His one leg is turned in and walks with a limp. His teeth have not been taken care of so they are black. His little belly is blotted from the lack of nutrition in his diet. In spite of all if his surroundings YOUR CHILDREN bring him a lot of joy. He runs around after them laughing and the girls on the team love to hold him.

It is humbling as a leader to watch your children see the needs around them. They are starting to say things like “I never knew I had so much” and “When I go home I am going to tell my friends how much they have”. What a blessing to hear those words coming out of the team members.

Aliza and Daniel where on KP and made wonderful peanut butter cookies. Jon and Mia did a really good job digging holes. Merritt and Seth did a wonderful job at racking.

(Note to Parents) If your child is not talked about in this report, they will be over the next couple of weeks. I am trying to pick some for each report!

Thank you for all your prayers! We will be going to church in the morning and the team will experience their first African church service. The Malawi National Preteen Boot Camp starts today. The team will get a chance to sing for them in a rally.

Blessings from Malawi



  1. Rev. Lloyd McDougall

    Great to hear about the work you are doing, I was made aware by my cousin Marion Garner, who’s grand-daughter Gabriela is with your team. We too are in Malawi, in the middle of a 4 1/2 year term as missionaries serving in Liwonde, Machinga, 50 km north of Zomba. We would be happy to know where you are working. What is the District and TA and nearest town to your “Melisa Foster Orphan Rescue Unit”? We also work with orphans, my wife Melinda works at Govala, Zomba with a Children’s Centre every Wednesday, and I serve on the Board of grace Orphan Care near Zomba townsite, as wellas working as Prison Chaplain with inmates in Zomba Region Prison Farms, MiKuyu & M’Pyupyu. We might be able to meet and share ideas and encourage each other in the work if you are not too far from Liwonde? God Bless you all and especially Gabriela. Uncle Lloyd & Aunt Melinda MCdougall

  2. My prayers are with the team leaders and members. I am sure the Lord will use this time to grow everyone in Christ! I pray it will be a life changing experience for many. Keep up the good work! Mark 10:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

  3. This is great news. Thank You so much for posting it. Im really glad to see that the kids are realizing how lucky they are and that they have so many opportunities, luxuries and freedoms. This is defiantly a life changing experience,

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