Cameroon in Bamenda 12015

The Cameroon team is currently in Bamenda at the Teen Missions base.  We arrived late Thursday evening. We had difficulty finding a bus large enough to accommodate both our large team and all our bags.  We had to send about 12 bags with one of the national Bible school students by public transport to get all the bags here.

The team is sleeping in tents on a concrete floor covered by a roof.  We have separate bathing and toilets for boys and girls.  The kids are adjusting to the cooler weather and the 4000 foot elevation.

Friday we rested did laundry and bought supplies for the kitchen.  Saturday the team organized our eyeglasses worked on memory verses and it was arrival day for the national boot camp and the preformed in the rally.  This team sings amazing.   Sunday we attended a local church walking for 25 minutes to get there.  They really enjoyed their first national church service.  We spent the rest of the day with classes and memory review and quiz practice.

Today , Monday we divided the group into 4 groups to help teach the national Boot Camp teens a few things they need for the field.  We will do this today and tomorrow and then early Wednesday we head to the first rescue unit to do our first clinic.  It is taking some time to gather the needed medical supplies and to inform the villages of our arrival.  The team is having a blast teaching.

The groups are.  Phonics:  Kirsten, Hannah, Kami, Michal , and Kierra.  Teaching American children games: Morgan, Trey , Lisa ,Eli , JJ, Caleb , Taylor , Kim , and James teaching our songs: Miriam, Tyler , Nathan , Josiah , Paige , Jordyn , Polly and Leah.  Helping in the national kitchen is: mark, Aaron, Peter , Rachel , Elizabeth and Sammy and Kierra are KP today.

Each night our kids preform in the rally. Last night they did a drama and tonight they are doing a song and puppets.   In the afternoon we will do our library reading bible study and we are giving a class on medical treatments. Tomorrow they are going to practice doing eyeglass exams on the. National team members so they can learn to understand the accents.

We have been fighting a few colds.

Thank you for your prayers we love These kids they are great.



  1. Thanks for this update. I loved reading what everyone is working on. God’s Blessing on you all.

  2. Nathan Hoskins is my brother. It’s very fitting that he’s doing something with music. He loves to sing! I’m glad that everyone is adjusting well and that everyone arrived safely. I can’t wait to hear what God showed him when the team gets back home!

  3. Big hug Caleb!!!! praying for you and your team!!!
    Hope to see you next time you come to MA!!!!

  4. Grand Pa and Grand Ma TEXAS

    Excellent report. We will pray for those with colds as well as the progress of your mission. We are proud of all of you and we LOVE YOU TYLER.

  5. Praying and praising the LORD for each one of you! So thankful for the updates and as others pray that everyone’s health is restored and the LORD’s work continues without delays. We have complete comfort in knowing the LORD will fulfill HIS promises through the ministry you all are accomplishing. Our LORD is a might GOD and worthy to be praised!! Thanks leaders for the updates, we look so forward to them. Love and hugs to Treyton! Trey’s Grandma in La Pine, Oregon and also his Grandpa sends his love who is in Afghanistan…..

  6. I have a guest here in my home, Jim Michals, who has been to Bamenda! He said to tell you he is the nephew of the man who built the eye clinic there, Albert Stober. He figures you are all learning to talk “pigeon” and sends you the greeting, “Now God He like you plenty. I talk for true.” Rachel, do you you remember Mr. Michaels? He sends you greetings. Love to you and prayers for everyone with colds! From Rachel’s grandparents.

  7. Such a beautiful report, Cameroon team! Even though the resolution of the picture is not big enough to see each of you, your spirit in Jesus are illuminating out. Thanks all the leaders to take care of our kids. Love to you all, wishing to get more updates soon.

  8. I am so glad to get an update! prayers for safety. Love you Kami.

  9. So great to get this report and thankful for God’s protection and blessing on the team. Cameroon Team, you’re being the hands and feet of Jesus as you shine for Him. So proud of you !

  10. Esther Matteson

    What a great report! I can’t tell which is Kimberly in the photo, but I see she is teaching children’s games….just her kind of thing! An amazing experience for all of you, I’m sure.

  11. That is great. Glad to hear that things are going well. Thank you
    leaders Tom, Linda, Sue & Bob….Hope the medical team and the reading glass team do well with their exams. Blessings.

  12. thanks for the update !! It is amazing to mr that these kids can do so much… I am so proud of them all … God bless.
    Hannah .. I love you soooo much !!

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