Canada Camp sharing the Gospel – 12072

On Thursday the team made a presentation at Elbow Family Bible Camp, a week-long camp going on about 30 minutes away.  The team was well-received, and they were able to join in on a water battle afterward with the rest of the kids at the camp.  Max, Claire, Josiah & Sam were drenched (happily so on a hot afternoon).

Today (Sunday) we worshiped at a local church here in Outlook.  The team sang “Our God Is Greater” & “The Revelation Song” as part of our presentation, and also ministered using the puppets.  Max, Autumn & Lauren shared their testimonies.

It rained all last night and most of today, so the camp is pretty muddy.  The rain is projected for Monday as well, so the work projects will likely all be inside.  Beginning tomorrow, the team will be participating in a local 5-day club in the mornings run by Child Evangelism Fellowship.

“It’s cold and it rains a lot.  The presentation went well.  We started the SPP (Secret Prayer Partner) thing.  The work is fun.  We learned verses.”  –Kymberly

“I like the food.  I like the rallies.  It’s very muddy.  We’re learning more about Jesus and the Word.”  –McKenzie2009 Canada Missions Trip


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