China visit Terra Cotta Warriors – 12019

China Report #3

Wow! What a weekend the China team had! After breakfast on Saturday morning, we boared a bus for our nine-hour bus ride (which included several pit and snack stops) to Xian to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors. We arrived about 3 PM and had a chance to see all the pits. They were amazing! Such detail! Despite arriving two hours before closing, the place was jammed packed! We all enjoyed it.

Following our visit, we stopped at our hotel to get the keys before going to get something to eat. Some chose McDonald’s, but most chose “Chinese”. Following dinner, we all went shopping and many got to get their first taste of bartering. They came out with a few nice souvenirs—swords, chop sticks, fans, etc. Everyone had fun shopping and the McDonald’s crew got in more than the others (hint,
fast food”…).

We all got a nice hot shower and a great night’s sleep before boarding the bus for our nine-hour trek home. Most took advantage of the time and got caught up on their verses and did their verse reviews. There was some games played and some singing, talking and laughing on the way.

It was really nice to watch our hosts, Greg and Nina, spend time getting to know the team members individually.

Today we will move everyone into their new rooms and get everything cleaned up. We will also be putting the rock wall up. The campers are due to arrive about 2:30 and we are all excited (and most are nervous) about the week of camp. Some will be teaching English and others will be involved in their activities such as archery, biking, American cooking, drama and music. Although we cannot overtly witness, the team will be developing friendships and planting the seeds that others will have the privilege of watering and watching grow. It should be an exciting, but busy week and everyone should be exhausted by the time the campers leave on Saturday afternoon.

Please keep us in your prayers this week!

Angie Jay-God has been teaching and showing me how much He loves the Chinese people and how much they need Him. A few nights ago, I was really sick and had to go to the ER. While I was there, there was one other lady there that was moaning really loud and looked like she was going to die, so our host, Greg, asked her why she was there. It turns out that she drank too much vodka. When I heard this, I was really heartbroken for her. And it has been on my heart since. I know the Lord has so much love for these people and it was awesome to be able to be a part of sharing it with them.

Caleb Portanova-I am 13 years old and I am writing this testimony while I am about 3 1/2 weeks into my short-term mission trip to China. So far, I have learned so many useful things on this trip such as carpentry, bricklaying, and how to avoid angry wasp while cleaning shingles. And hopefully, I am learning to pay attention to instructions because Mr. Paul is trying to get me better at that and then my parents would want to send me back, although I am not sure that would be a good thing. Well, I am excited because the Asians arrive at our camp tomorrow and I am looking forward to interacting with them. When I first arrived in Beijing, I was somewhat disappointed because it didn’t look much different than America. But now that we are in a more rural part of China, I am seeing little Ninja Dojo thingies out the window, it reminds me that I am outside of my home in America filled with white people and Walmarts. So far, on this trip, I have grown in my relationship with God and I feel that by the end of the trip, I will grow even more.



  1. I am so proud of all of the teens serving the Lord in China. I especially want to say hi to my nephew Caleb and let him know that the Millers are thinking about him and praying for him. Love you bud!!!

  2. I think I can guess 1 of the people in the “McDonald’s Crew” 😉
    Sara W glad to hear you didn’t have to wait ’til coming home to get your McDonald’s fix!

  3. It is so great to be able to get updates online. No more waiting for those sporadic letters. Sara W. – Hope and Rachel were so excited to see your picture. We are praying for all of you!!!

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