Greetings from Borneo! 12022

Greetings from Borneo!  We have started construction on the Bible School.  We have set 12 posts of the 61 that need to be set.   The site is prepped and ready.   The highlight of our work this week was being able to push a dump truck full of gravel up the hill to the building site so we didn’t have to haul it by buckets.  You should have heard the cheers from the team!   What a celebration we had!!  We are thrilled with the squattie toilets and shower stalls that were built before we arrived.  We have plenty of running water on the property and electricity for lights at night.  Everyone is doing well and adjusting to the conditions so amazingly well!  No complaining from this group!  They are a great group of kids.  This past Sunday, we walked about 45 minutes to a nearby church and we held Sunday School for the local children.  Patrick explained the Wordless Book. There was a great time of fellowship after the service with the local villagers.  Today, we traveled 2 hours to the Teen Missions base in Sosok for the BMW Commissioning Service.  We will spend the night here and travel back to our property tomorrow morning.  Please pray specifically that God would grant us safety and good health during our stay here as our location is somewhat remote.

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  1. Hi Nick, I guess they might be counting on you doing that year-long international band tour. But, seriously everybody is missing you and praying for you, except maybe Bilbo. Love you! Grandma Lita

  2. It is a joy to get updated. I will continue to pray for your protection, endurance, and unity. May God work mightily through your team this summer and may he show himself very personal. God Bless, Heidi Boucher

  3. Larry and JoAn Davis

    How wonderful to hear news of the team and what is being accomplished with the project. As Texas grandparents of Camdon Steele, we send our love. We are praying for you, the entire team and leaders.

  4. Praise the Lord! It is wonderful to hear how well things are going! We are praying for you all every day. We look forward to hearing the wonderful stories of what the Lord has done in you and through you during this time. It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of God’s great work!

  5. So happy to hear news from Borneo! We sure miss Joy, but rest in the knowledge that she is right where God wants her to be! We hope she is receiving all of her mail from us. We love her so much. Praying always for her and her team.

  6. It is so good to hear the report!!! My heart is with you guys. I am so proud that Kasey Jo is on this team. -Praying for good health, warm spirits, and success for Christ!
    In His spirit,
    Cricket Harrison

  7. I am so proud of this team! I am praying that God will do amazing things this summer in Borneo!

  8. WOW!!! What an awesome team report – God is so faithful and so good! It is so wonderful to hear some of the details of how, and what the kids are doing, to know that God is so very present in, and among you. As parents we are praying for you all, and I know that I am so very excited to hear all the stories of God showing up there with you in Borneo. Sawyer – I have decided NOT to rent out your room while you are gone – Nick – sorry about that – cant say the same for you and your mom 🙂 You are all so loved and so prayed over – may Gods peace and wisdom and protection be a shield around you.

  9. The latest update on Gus’ team. So exciting to hear how it’s going!

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