Greetings from New Zealand 12009

Greetings from New Zealand to our family and friends.  Since last report we have completed our task at the food bank and with the school holiday over we will no longer be visiting the day camps.  The local school kids were sad to see us leave and sent us off with a thank you card and a kiwi key chain.

Today (Sunday) we visited another local church (Kaiapoi baptist church) to share who we are and what teen missions is.  We also had the opportunity to sing one of our songs and perform the Battle Ground drama.  Eight of us this coming week will be visiting there to help them with needs of their community.

Mrs. McDowell has been taking a group to a local town about 40km away in Matakaua.  The lead for this work came from a church member who is actually a Texan.  He moved here with his wife about 9 years ago to “get away from it all.”. The task was, and will continue to be, this coming week to work with juveniles that have been convicted of non violent crimes and on a type of work release work program.  Some of the work has involved cleaning a kitchen, stacking wood, and move fallen trees.  Zak Pronko has really been an inspiration to these young adults as they have a lot of respect for his work ethics and smarts.

Yesterday we went to Hanmer hot springs.  It was about a 120 km trip up to a local famous attraction.  They have different hot springs to include sulfur springs and three water slides.  It was a nice break from the hectic work week for the kids.

All the kids say hello and are looking forward to coming home in two weeks.



  1. Karen Llewellyn

    I can hardly wait to have Jamie back home, hearing about her experiences and how she’s seen God working.

  2. Wish we could hear them singing in front on the little church in the photo! Praying for the team as they finish up: that they will finish strong, keeping their eyes on Him, who is their Lifespring and Source of all blessings, as they seek to bless others in His Name and for His Purpose! Looking forward to hearing all about the grand adventure when they come home and share with family and friends! Miss you tons, Rachel, and are looking forward to big hugs when you return! Love you!

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