Greetings from the Holy Land Team! 12020

Greetings from the Holy Land Team!

Our first week in Beit Jala has just come to an end and I think it’s safe to say that the team is having an awesome time. Since arriving and adjusting to the new schedule and surrounding culture, the team has finished clearing the area for the garden and the soccer field. They are working on another playground area and today (Monday, July 16th) the team has begun painting classrooms and offices in the Hope School. The team has also started to build a privacy fence along the street.

When the team is not working, they are studying their 40 memory verses, helping with the Myers’ children or in the kitchen, and spending quality time together. Sometimes they walk across the street to the market for a small treat or to buy a coke for their SPP (Secret Prayer Partner). They love that they can get it for just 3 shekels, which is slightly under a dollar! The weekends are usually a bit more relaxed. On Saturday, after a long day of work, the team ended the night with Bible Jeopardy and Devotions. We were definitely impressed with everybody’s Bible knowledge! Sunday turned out to be an exciting, culture filled day. After breakfast, the team walked from Beit Jala to Bethlehem where they experienced church in Arabic in a 1500+ year old church! They then headed to the Nativity Square to enjoy Falafel and Shawerma for lunch and a look inside the The Nativity Church, the supposed landmark of Jesus’ birth! Afterward, the team continued on around the square to shop and barter for gifts and souvenirs such as Genie pants, bags, scarves, wood carvings, jewelry and more.
The adventure continues…



  1. Praying for you all daily. Nellie Wadman is especially close in our hearts.
    God Bless you all,

  2. Could you please tell Thomas that I inadvertantly gave everyone the wrong address! I apologize for the delay in him getting mail. I will be remailing letters to him tomorrow 7/18!

  3. Love to hear the reports from the team, I am Deeply missing my Sarah but i know GOD is doing great works with her!! Keep us posted and your Team is our prays and your Church Family send there love.

  4. I had the opportunity to talk with Rachel a couple times – during our visit, before commissioning and while sitting with the team at the airport. I really enjoyed talking with her! It was so awesome to hear her talk about her calling being realized! (Mom of Sara Williams)

  5. My grandaughter Rachel Graves is part of the team fullfilling a 4 yr dream and calling. She has a beautiful spirit and IU can’t wait to have her home and hear her report.

  6. Great to hear what is going on. Know just what it is like in bethlehem did you see the Christian bookstore. Natasha is here tonight and says hi

  7. Dearest Israel Group!!!
    Take care of my Rachel for me!!! I am missing her more than words can say!!!<3 I am so glad you all are bonding and enjoying your time there!!!<3 Many hugs and blessings and prayers!!! Much love~ Jess

  8. Will keep your team in our prayers! What an exciting place to share the Lord! 27 years ago, I was blessed to experience a similar mission trip to the Holy Land!

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