Greetings from Trinidad! 12031—2

Greetings from Trinidad! So much has happened these past few days, it is so hard to think that we have been here for only a week. It feels like we have been here for so much longer. The team is really starting to come together and work in unity at the worksite. One project was to dig a ditch in a field that would connect a eater one from the road to the church we are staying in so that the church and the pastor’s house will have good water pressure from the city water. Our water situation has been a bit better, but there is an occasional semi drought in the pipes for a while. It is good that the head male leader’s father was a plumber. On Saturday, the team was working on the ditch for the water line when it was time to stop for lunch. They’re we beginning to put their tools away when the pastor asked if it was okay for them to continue working and finish it before the rains came, which was going to be in a matter of minutes. The team agreed to do it and worked on through lunch and on through until 3:00! They even worked through the rain. They knew the importance of the task that was at hand and wanted to do it until the the job was done. We leaders are very proud of them for what was accomplished, they really did do a great job. The job was finished and we are hoping to get someone here from the city to connect the line to the road sometime in the next few days so we can finally have water without any problems. We have truly been blessed by the hospitality of the Trinis, every night we have been brought food and snacks of some sort so we may have the authentic taste of Trinidad. On Friday night, we were served Bake n Shark, which is one of the most popular dishes here. The team could not get enough of it and still talk about it. Tonight we were served Roti with a chicken and potato curry. Delicious!! All the weight lost at boot camp will be coming back real soon. 🙂 We had church today and it was amazing. The team really enjoyed worshipping the Lord in such a different way then they are used to. The church here is a bit more charismatic and the team found the liveliness most exhilarating. So awesome to worship with people who truly live to worship the Lord. We are having the time of our lives here in Trinidad and we ask for your continuing prayers for us as we continue the work on the pastor’s house. We a hoping to get the foundation poured on Tuesday, since it was delayed by the storms on Saturday. Thank you again for your prayers.

Christian Schrader writes
I’m really starting to see our team pull together to accomplish the goal Christ has set for us. Yesterday we came together to finish an important job. We worked through a torrential downpour straight through our lunch time because we were doing something bigger than ourselves. It was hard work, but looking back I’m glad we did it.

Christiana Panell write:
There are many things I have learned here, but one of the most important things I have learned is to never pray for Patience. Because when you do, God puts you to the test of broken tools, lack of water and miscommunications with team members. But once I learned that lesson, I stopped praying for patience. I have been having a blast here! We have been leveling the ground for the house and digging a drainage ditch in both rain and shine. The Trinis have been so welcoming, ” full of love” it’s worth all of the hard work. Soon the cement will be laid down and we will be able to do some brick laying (which is what we learned at Boot Camp) and just continuing building the house the next couple of weeks. It is going to be hard and we are all starting to get homesick but in the end it will be worth it. A shout out to Morgan’s parents and mine. We miss you!



  1. Hi Sarah! You look great and so proud of you!! Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. We are very proud of you Isaac! I can’t wait to hear all about your time. We are thinking about you and praying for you every day. Love you lots!

  3. Nice work guys! Please post more pictures when you can, I’d live to see you all, especially Juliet :). I hope Juliet’s Birthday package made it on time and that it was a great day for her. Can’t wait to read your next update!

  4. Karen Tsoukalas

    It’s great to see how God is working through the Trinidad Team and the Trinis! You are definitely following Joshua 1:9 to be strong and courageous 🙂 Praying for you each day. Love you, Darian

  5. Morgan, what an awesome way to spend the summer. Praying for you, love you.

  6. Way to go, Christian! What a way to serve the Lord 🙂

  7. Trinidad Team we pray for you daily and admire your commitment, Love you D!

  8. Thanks for the updates and pictures. It is always means so much to us to hear what you are going thru and how God is working thru you all!!

  9. Christian you look so good – I miss you so much!! Loved hearing from you. Continue to work as unto the Lord – the blessing with flow 🙂 Go team Trinidad!!

  10. Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure. It is wonderful to read about the team and how well you all are doing. Had to laugh about the prayer for patience. I too learned that the hard way 🙂 Praying for you all daily.

  11. Christine Panell

    Christiana, Wow you digging ditches and laying cement and bricks. Im impressed. I love and miss you so much. Dallas even said its to quiet around here without you. Love you Baby girl. I will pray for the water situation and your patience to continue.
    Love you Always

  12. Amazing team Trinidad, very proud of you! Miss you Alexis xoxoxo

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