India busy with presentations – 12004

Excitement everywhere this week in India…

On the way home from a school presentation this week, our trusty puppet stage, that travels on the roof racks of our jeep managed to fly from the vehicle while traveling along the hi-way. Amazingly, there was little traffic on the road at the time, ensuring no vehicles or pedestrians were injured and it also allowed Sarah to rescue it safely from the middle of the road. To our surprise, its sturdy frame is still in working condition.

The team also traveled to a Bible college and was able to give a presentation to the students, and also to a group of school children and orphans. We were blessed with an amazing meal provided by the pastor.

The week also saw the team head to a local secular college. While there, the team were able to work alongside the students to weed and maintain the gardens and grounds. A local newspaper reporter came and photographed the team working. The following day, an article and photo was published in the local newspaper!

We stayed at the Base for church today. With three different continents represented, our missionary called it an “International Service”. Rachel and Elisabeth shared testimonies, while Sarah and Kate gave messages. With our time quickly coming to an end here, I dare say there will be a few tears shed on Saturday as we head to the train station.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. We love and miss you all. Love from the India Team.

Evan Dowers – With only 5 days left, I have bittersweet feelings about leaving. When I first arrived I felt God calling me here and I still have that feeling. This place has really grown on me and I am going to be very sad to leave here. On the other hand I would like to go home to see all my family and friends. I hope to get back here some day.

Christianna Crank – Just a few days ago we got the chance to do a program at a large Catholic school. There were about 300 students. They all seemed to enjoy it. Later that day, we also visited a college. Up to that point we hadn’t spent much time with people our own ages, so I really enjoyed that. We’re wrapping up our time here at the base. I think we are all going to miss it here. This place has sort of become a second home – we even refer to it as ‘home’ when we are out and about.






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