Malawi Guitar helping at Preteen Boot Camp – 12001

The team has been helping with the Malawian Preteen Boot Camp and enjoying it alot.
The children arrived on Friday and Saturday and our team was able to share with themin the rally. The teams drama called “Dividing Line” really captured the attention ofthe team as did the puppet presentation. Anderson and Carli also shared a beautifulspecial music. The team also was able to help in practical ways such as judging theObstacle course which both the team and the children enjoyed.

Another highlight for the team was being able to supply the orphans and children with a New Testament each so that as they go through the classes and rallies they can
follow along.

The team continues to go out each day and do open air presentations, in schools and at
markets. There has been a great response to the gospel and many people have come to
know Christ for the first time.
The weather has been lovely and there has not been any problems in the country or
anything out of normal weather wise.

Another highlight for the team was spending part of Sunday at Senga Bay. The team was
able to relax after the past weeks of intense ministry. They also spent some timebuying wood carvings and gifts for the their family, friends and supporters.

“God has really been showing me a lot this summer . Currently he has been showing me

things I need to do and fix in life some of which I don’t want to do so I am
struggling with that. I also think that I figured out vaguely what career path God
wants me to take but I’m still praying about it. God still has things He is teaching
me here but I can’t wait to get back to the states and serve God.” Tabitha



  1. They all sound so wonderful. I hope that they are keeping the energy up as they near the finish line. Keep the Prayers up!!!

  2. Blessed.

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