Peru begins work – 12024



HOLA!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful missionaries here in Peru. Judy and Demas have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids, Johanna and Joshua.  They have such a heart for their church and are just happy that we are here helping them. This past week has been very busy and the team has gotten a lot accomplished. We started out by doing the layout. Once that was done we began digging 2-foot trenches for the footer and then 4-foot trenches for the 4 support columns.  The dirt/clay we dug up we spread around the property.  When it rains here in Pucallpa it flood s and gets extremely muddy. We used the extra dirt/clay to level out and even raise some areas around the church where it would flood. We also got all the steel columns cut and tied. The support steel frames have also been cut and tied.  Out in front of the church, they are putting in a new road and have been doing a lot of cement mixing. On Saturday the workers had made 4 extra wheel barrels full of cement and they gave it to use to use for the column holes.  It was a huge blessing because without their cement we would have been short, but everything worked out according to God’s Plan and he knew what He was doing all along. We were just grateful that they made extra and gave it to use to use. Our goal for next week is to finish making and pouring the concrete for the footer. The bricks will arrive on Wednesday and we will begin brick laying for the back wall then.

On Saturday night, Judy and Demas (pastors at the El Shaddai Church) had a welcoming service for the team.  Almost every member of the church was in attendance.  It was a great time of worship, prayer and fellowship among believers. The team also got to have some time with the Peruvian youth group. They had a bible reference race in which we split them up into 2 teams; Americans/Canadians vs. Peruvians. We would call out a verse from the bible and the first person to find it and start saying the verse would get a point. The team really enjoyed spending time with the youth group.

The weather here is Pucallpa is very hot and humid (much like Florida).  We have been so grateful to not have any sickness on the team. Everyone is healthy.

On Sunday we went to a church where the pastor has been involved with Teen Missions for a few years and went to the Boot Camp a few years ago that they had here in Peru.  Our team gave a presentation during the service in which they got to use the puppets.  After church on Sunday we had our first sight seeing day. Every year in Pucallpa, they have a festival in which people from all over Peru come to sell their things. We decided it would be fun for the team to get to see things from all over Peru. They spent about 2 hours at the festival and many of them bought jewelry, coffee and chocolate.

Words from Jessica Doebler: We finally started working! It was fun, but hard and challenging.  We did a little bit of everything including; digging, steel tying and mixing concrete. Though the week was short it was tiring. We got through it as a team and supported and encouraged each other along the way.



  1. Great job Peru team! We are praying everyday for you. It sounds like you have had some challenges already, but God is ever faithful. Blessings to you all — and especially Liliana! In Him, Joy Nelson

  2. Uncle Steve & Aunt Kathy

    Hi Laura, We just wanted you to know we’re thinking about you and praying for you. What a blessing it is to be a blessing to others. Praying you’ll be encouraged and know that you’re loved.

  3. We are cheering you on Peru 12024! The footing looks good, the rebar looks good, that building will be there when your kids are on the Peru team in 2037….imagine that! I’m guessing the teens in Pucallpa are watching you work together and are wondering what makes you what you are. By the time you leave they are sure to know. John Imperial, we are proud of you! Let your light so shine………!
    Love Grandpa and Grandma Cross

  4. This is so exciting to see. My Daughter worked on this project during her first two trips with TMI. He first year they were told they would be finishing a church construction project. When they arrived they asked where the church was and they pointed to the ground. She got to go back a second year when her trip was changed from Chile back to Peru. Sara had a special place in her heart for Demas and Judy. They are wonderful hosts and joyful servants of God. This year my daughter is on the Kilomanjaro team I am printing this update to send to her. I know she will be excited to see the continued progress toward completion of this project.

  5. Just read the report from the teen mission group. Looks like those kids are really working hard. Who knows some of them might decide to become professional brick layers, or builders. Some may even decide to go into the mission field on a permanent basis. We are keeping you all in our prayers and our hearts, until your safe return to us.

  6. Karen and J.R. Carr (parents of Whitney)

    Way to go Peru team!! We miss Whitney very much, but glad she is gettign this experience!! Glad to hear everyone is healthy. We can tell everyone is working hard and getting alot done!!! Prayers and Kisses!!!

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