Russia visits Shadrinsk – 12010

Hello from HOT HOT Russia!

With temps in the mid to high 90’s for the past four days the team is
missing the cool mornings that greeted us the first few weeks we werehere. Today the team realized that they are now entering their final
week in Russia and this sadened them.  We have had an amazing time
ministering and developing relationships with the Russian people.
Every day we have the opportunity to eat our meals together, work
alongside and play sports with these young Russian believers who have
a like minded purpose in being here. Every evening the team looks
forward to the small amount of free time where they can “hang out”with the Russia team and continue to get to know each other. This has
been an amazing and unique opportunity to see how Teen Missions
opporates in Russia.

Today the team ventured into Shadrinsk and attended the Baptist church
there.  This is the church home of our missionary, Katya.  It was
exciting to reconnect with church members who have visited the base
over the past few weeks to assist with the Boot Camp.  The team was
able to share a few songs, some skits and our head leader Ryan shared
a sermon.  The church treated the team to a wonderful lunch
afterwards.  It was great to fellowship with fellow believers in
This week the team was able to put the poles in the ground for the new
obstecle here on the property, “The 5 D’s.”  We hope to have it
opporational for the Russian teams as they return for their debreif so
that they can “try it out” before returning next year.  The team plans
on laying the concerete for the posts tomorrow.  We were also able to
participate in 3 different soccer games in our village in the past few
days.  The Russian team did evengelizm during half time.  When they
weren’t working on these two projects the team joined with the
Russians on some community “beautification” projects.  Basically this
involved cleaning up the trash and cutting the weeds in community

Tuesday the team plans on traveling up to Ekaterinburg for oursightseeing day.  We plan on visiting the boarder between Europe and
Asia, the church which commemorates where Ztar Nicolas II was killed
and IKEA/shopping areas.  The team is looking forward to exploring
another part of this region.

Please continue to pray that the team will be sensitive to the Lord’s
leading during this final week.  That they will take every opportunityto share with others about why they’re here and what the Lord has done
in each one of their lives.  Also pray for the team as they begin to
say “Good Bye” to friendships that they have developed over the past
few weeks, that everyone will be encouraged by the relationships which
were built.
Some thoughts from the team:
“When I arrived in Russia there were two things that struck me.
First, was the toilets are pits & I thought I was going to die, but I
got over that.  Secondly, I noticed how friendly the people here are.
They are like a giant family.  The people here just give you hugs
whenever they feel like it, and even though you can’t communicate well
with them, they still like to talk.  I love it here and I think
America could learn something from them.  I will be very sad to leave,
but I won’t cry because it’s over, I will smile because it happened.”
– Amanda Suderman

“What God has been teaching thoughout this summer is that even though
it’s not necessarily my way, that doesn’t make it wrong.  One of the
other things is that I realized that He is in control of everything
that is going to happen.  That I don’t need to worry about things.
The last but most important thing is leadership.  I was told that I
had the foundation to be a good leader.  Through my morning devotions
God has shown me the qualities that I ahve and that I need to work on.
This is Christian Neil Willeke signing off.  See you next year.”  –
Christian Willeke


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  1. Love hearing how the Lord is working in and using these kids who are open to His Leading! 🙂

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