Uganda Film settles in – 12026

The team left on the 10th about 6:30 in the morning. We had a little longer wait at the ticket counter due to a baggage problem, but it all got worked out and we were able to go through security on all the team members worked on making their phone calls home.

Arriving in Washington D.C. We had to claim our baggage and move it up to the ticket counter area. By the time were finished with our devos, dinner and such the Orphan Angels team arrived and we were able to go to the hotel for the night. We did have to a guard with all the luggage so Emanuel volunteered to watch the luggage through the night.

We were back to the airport by 7:00 ready to check in. Ethipoian agents were really good. They checked the team through as a group and we never had to weigh our baggage but they just put the luggage tags on and we carried to the scanning area. Then we cleared security and those whose missed a chance to call home once again were able to make the phone calls.

We traveled through the night to Addis Abba. Most slept through the flight, but there were those that were visiting together. After being in Addis for a few hours we then boarded our flight to to Entebe. We had to get our visa first and then were able to collect our baggage and meet our missionaries on the other side. Innocent, the staff of TMI was there ready to receive us. We moved our luggage and put it into the 5 ton truck and then proceeded to exchange some money. Then we went to Shop Rite for a quick trip of staples that we needed then it was on Jinga, TMI base. We quickly unloaded our luggage so we could find our dishes. Our staff had prepared rice and stew for us to eat. It was really good. Then we all headed to bed for a much needed rest. There are a few that are struggling with jet lag and just tired from the long journey.

Friday we slept in, had devos and then some breakfast. We took some more settling in time caught up on Bible verses, Bible Study, GG classes and then it was time for some more rest.

Saturday the team has been helping with boys dormitory to move dirt, bricks. And also again, having our Bibles studies, and other classes.

The team is doing well and anxious to move to our project site. There are some that are still getting caught up from jet lag, but I think they will be okay soon. They are doing well.

Sunday we will be going to church with the BMW students. Monday Kathy will have a meeting with the people that we will do the project for and then hoping to move to the project site on Tuesday.

We thank you for your prayers as the Lord continues to guide us, watch over us and teach us more about the Lord Jesus.

Uganda Film team



  1. So excited to hear the report. Was waiting and waiting. Thank you for keeping us posted. I’m praying for you all. God bless!

  2. Hello, It was a blessing to meet everyone on your team. Thanks so much for the update. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well; except for jet lag. Please know you are in my prayers!!

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