Cambodia moves to Kampong Chhnang – 12002

Friday we loaded up all our duffels onto the truck and left for Kampong Chhnang. Kampong meaning place of and Chhnang meaning the people who make clay pots. It took us about ten hours to make the whole trip. We traveled about 400km around Tonle Sap Lake. It took so much time because the roads are full of potholes and construction. It was fairly good weather as we were following the rain and the clouds kept down the heat. We did stop about halfway at a bus station knowing this was the place to find tarantula. Sure enough, there they were in a bowl on the ground, many tarantulas crawling all over each other. Peter was so happy to hold them and let them crawl on his face (another profile picture!). Most of the team tried at least a taste of the fried tarantula. Some opted for a bag of crickets and others stuck with the familiar banana chips.

Our new home here at the Boot Camp property is in between two sets of mountains, one in the east and one in the west. The sky is very big, we are able to see for a great distance, making the sunrises and sunsets just beautiful. We are literally surrounded by rice paddies, our neighbors are far away and we really feel like we are in the country. It is a big difference from Siem Reap. A few big differences are we moved from dorms into tents. We had electricity and now we run a generator for a bit of light late in the evening. We had a stove, now we cook on a wood fire. We had showers and now we take bucket baths. We had running water and now we get all our water from the pump at the well. We once enjoyed cold water, now we have to go into town to get a cold drink.

We also switched modes from evangelism to work. We are preparing the obstacle course, by digging out the slough, clearing a path through the bush, building Jacob’s ladder and putting together the wall. We are unable to do a lot of evangelism here because it is rice planting time so the kids and their families are working in the fields.

Sunday we were invited to two churches to give presentations. Sunday afternoon we were invited back to an orphanage with about 25 kids to show puppets and do a Sunday school lesson. We played games with them, Leah shared the wordless book and at the end we gave out balloon animals.

Everyone is doing very well on their memory verses and in keeping up with saying them each day. They are great quizzers and ask to quiz more often than we do. They really enjoy the practice and are very competitive to be the first one to quiz out.

Monday we were able to go into a nearby town for groceries. The boys were encouraged to get haircuts and were more than willing when we told them it only cost $0.75! Things are very cheap here in the village. Four pineapples for $1.25, 48 bananas for $1.50 and three piles (meals) of long beans for only $0.40! I wanted to buy a little of everything!

It is hard to believe our summer is coming to an end. Only one more report before we fly to Hong Kong on Saturday!

Thank you again for all your prayers for our team. Everyone is continuing to stay healthy, praise God! I’m sure they would all like me to say hi to you for them.


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  1. Safe travels and happywork in the mission field.

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