France sharing the Gospel – 12028

Bonjour! Comment ca va?

On Saturday night the team had an opportunity to be involved in an outreach concert in Bastille. There was a variety of music from Christian rap to worship music – some of which we could sing along to in English! In the afternoon we went into the city to invite people to the concert. It was a great opportunity to not only see the body of Christ come together but also work together to see others come to the believing knowledge of Jesus Christ!

On Sunday, we traveled by train and metro to Parc de la Villette, which is a large park. We were able to fellowship with the group of people, CIJEM, who we have been working with. Everyone pitched in bringing food and we enjoyed the afternoon talking, playing “futbol” and the French version of dodgeball and volleyball.

On Monday we were able to do a little sightseeing and traveled to the town of Anvers. A large Catholic church, Sacre-Coeur, sits at the top of a hill. We walked up the many flights of stairs, and when we reached the top, had a beautiful view of the city. The team was also able to shop along the streets and many experienced the sandwiches, crepes and other pastries that are abundant here.

This morning we are worshipping with our CIJEM friends. Though all of the songs are in French, we are able to worship with them and appreciate the Spirit of God together. We’ll spend the day planning for the week – we’ll be going into Paris beginning tomorrow, testifying of God’s love to the people we’ll meet. We look forward to sharing more of how God is working through and using our team for His glory in this next week to reach Parisians.

David Chei’s testimony:

Hello Reader(s),

Reporting back from the TMI France Team, we recently attended an amazing Christian concert. Not only was it fun and really awesome, the team also helped bring many locals and tourists to the concert. It was called Vis ta Revolution – in honor of the French Revolution – and was held in the church, Eglise Evangelique, located in Bastille. Several Christian French music groups were featured in the Vis ta Revolution concert. Although I didn’t understand most of the French singing, the richness and the beauty of the music and lyrics still captivated my heart. I believe the concert’s purpose was to bring people in to know Jesus Christ and repent for their countless sins to allow Jesus to lead their lives into heaven. After everyone was finished with all of the hopping, jumping, singing, praising, and being wild for God, the crowd slowly exited the building, but not without waiting eagerly and curiously to buy some of the church’s CIJEM Force merchandise. I personally believe God worked through that mass of people to rethink about the glory and love of Christ.

Not too long ago, the team also had their sightseeing day with warm sunshine upon France. The France team first walked to the Sacre-Coeur on top of Mont Maytyre, the highest natural point in Paris. Not only did the TMI team awe at the wonderful sight of all Paris in front of them, the colossal church displayed beauty on the inside and outside. The Sacre-Coeur was beautiful in architecture and pleasant to the eye. The team split into three travel groups to shop for souvenirs and explore the streets of Anvers. The day ended when the travel groups returned to the train station as planned and shared of the numerous shops seen and items bought such as mini Eiffel towers, bourres, French delicacies, and extremely intense coffee to name a few. The entire team was exhausted from the walking and enjoyment of the whole day when we returned to Clamart to receive a good night’s rest. The day brought lots of relaxation and our team is prepared to work heavily for God in the future. Please pray for the team’s health and safety and may Christ bless all of us!

Erinn Foy’s testimony:

Well, in my life right now I have been going through a lot of change and patience hasn’t been my best quality. Going on this trip basically brought me back to myself again. It has taught me to be kind to everyone around me. It has taught me to be more patient. I have also learned how to have better devotions because before I could do devos but I wasn’t very good at it. Now I enjoy doing devos. I am also pretty shy so it has also opened me up a lot to people around me.


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