Greetings from Zimbabwe! 12003

Greetings in the name of the Lord.
Thank you for your continued prayers. Our time here continues to be fruitful. Some of the team is struggling a bit with homesickness, so please keep that in your prayers. Last night in devotions, one of the team members shared what God was teaching her from Hebrews about running the race to the finish. This hit home to many and the team is praying that they will be focused on their current task, rather than thoughts of a warm bed and video games.
During the past few days, we presented at 2 more school, where approximately 65 students came to know the Lord. In addition, at one of the school, the Head Mistress also came into salvation. Saturday was particularly meaningful because of the group of orphans with whom we were able to share the day. It is sometimes difficult to see the joy on their faces as they play contrasted with the harsh reality of watching them leave our base to go and sleep alone in the mountains or behind rocks. Continue to pray for the follow-up with these children, that even in the harsh reality of their lives, they will know God’s specific love and grace.
Here are some more thoughts from team members.
Abby Monroe – Today God revealed the results of our work here in Zimbabwe. Not only did children come to know the Lord, mothers and grandmothers came to the school to see what we were doing. They too heard the gospel. In addition, there was so much excitement over a simple pair of shoes and socks. One mom, with tears in her eyes, ran up to her son and gave him a hug after he received a brand new pair of shoes. It brought tears to my eyes too … It’s amazing what God’s love can do.
(Just an FYI – most families have an income of $50 or less per month. One pair of shoes typically costs about $14 dollars. You can imagine the struggle it is just to keep shoes on their children’s feet. However, given that many diseases and chronic injury occurs without shoes, it is a vital part of the health and safety for the children here.)
Becky Gold – The Lord has blessed me with a better understanding of His love. Whether it is with my team or on the mission field, He always has a way of showing me that He loves me. In addition to seeing God’s love, I have seen the power of love. Word of Advice: Come to Africa with Teen Missions for the full effect!
Emily Brumbelow – Through this trip, God has shown me how real He is. I know God will never leave me or forsake me. It is amazing to have one true constant in my life! It is such and awesome experience to be here and get closer and closer to my one constant!



  1. Brad Henderson Family

    Great to hear from the team, we are very excited to see you all and hear what God is doing thru you and teen missions……….See you this Friday at 7:59pm.
    Rob & Holly

  2. Sorry so late! God bless all of you for hard word.

  3. Linda Weatherford

    Praying for the team and the follow-up for those who have been presented the gospel.

  4. praising God for your update and hearing how God is working!! Continuing to pray

  5. Continued prayers for the team as the finish up their time in Zimbabwe!! <3

  6. Awesome update! We are praying. It is most often difficult during the last few days of ministry. Spirits get tired. Don’t think anything strange is happening to you that doesn’t happen to all missionaries and leaders. God will answer your prayers for the strength to continue until you are back in Florida for debrief. This is an important time. Hi Amanda! We love you and miss you. We look forward to seeing you again and hearing all about your experience.

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