Haiti assisting Project Help Haiti – 12017

Greetings in the the name of Lord!

We pray everyone in the north is well. Much has happened in the last week and we have much to report. In our last report we had just arrived at the Mary Austen School in Saint Marc and we were excited and ready to get to work, but as man makes his plans, God establishes His, which supersedes all of ours. So, upon arriving at the school we were ready to take on any project they could give us and we as a team were ready and willing. Unfortunately, all the supplies needed for the project had yet to arrive and we are told it could take two weeks or more before we could even see the much needed paint coming from Florida. Wow, what to do? We were able to dig a small ditch, hang some of the remaining plywood and a few other small projects, but nothing large enough to keep a team this big busy. Evangelism has been difficult as well, without having a designated translator for the team. The pastor told us that VBS wouldn’t work in this setting, unless we were able to accommodate 1,000 kids with programs and materials. The kids come in droves and ministry needs to be contained to be effective or you only end up being mobbed. So prayer, much prayer, ensued for what the Lord would have us to do with no project and very difficult or nonexistent ministry opportunity.

I made a trip into town for some supplies and ran into a gentleman by the name of Freeman, who happened to be on staff with YWAM. I told him of our situation of no supplies to do our job, etc. We exchanged numbers and he said we should come by the base sometime for a visit, I agreed and we parted ways. I returned to the school and a short time later I received a call from Andy, a missionary with Project Help Haiti. He said he could use a team to do some work for him, we talked for a bit and decided we could meet Sunday after church. So, Andy and his wife came up to Saint Marc and we went for a ride to their ministry in Borel, which is about 30 minutes from Saint Marc. After talking with him and seeing their needs, we decided to move the team with the blessing of Teen Missions. This morning we said our good byes to our friends at the Mary Austen School and promised we would return if the supplies some how made it before we left Haiti.

The team is now on site at Project Help Haiti and there are many jobs to be done. One of those being a 75 foot section of security wall, which fell over three hours after our arrival, during a strong thunder storm. Wow! I guess the Lord had other plans for us and the team is happy to have some work to do. As it stands now, it should take several weeks to complete, it is a massive project and super important to this mission. Because of the damaged wall they have had to hire extra security for the back part of the property, where their machine shop is located, so it is a time sensitive project. They must have this wall back up as soon as possible. We will also be involved in some community ministry as well, such as prayer walks, handing out cold water and Gospel tracts to local famers. The team will have evangelism opportunities with the ministries bi-weekly children’s programs and a large soccer tournament that starts Sunday.The mission here is well established in the community and there is no end to ministry opportunities here. The team is being housed in dorms now and after spending several weeks in tents, they are ecstatic to be indoors. The staff here, Andy and Teresa, have been super helpful and very surprised at how the team takes care of themselves. Hopefully, we can bless the people of Project Help Haiti and the staff that is here. We are certainly happy to be wherever the Lord leads us. God bless all of you for reading our report. We will be in touch.

In Christ the LORD,

Dates: June 21- August 10, 2013 – 13015

Team Haiti



  1. I love it when
    god gets to do what He wants!!!! I praise Him for everything he has made happen for his benefit and yours!!! love gma to seth emily and wes

  2. Marilyn Temple Valkema

    Thank you for the update. Praying for you.

  3. Michelle Harwell

    Great report. God works in mysterious ways. Good luck team Haiti. Keep up the good work!

  4. Terri Fleischman

    Isn’t it it strange how amazed we are when God steps in and makes things work out?
    So excited for the kids to have an opportunity presented for them to do what thy came for – Help People!
    TMI – THANK YOU for keeping us updated!!!

  5. Elva Jean Brown

    Hey parents, if you google Project Help Haiti Borel there is a You tube of the site. Maybe this is where the team is??????????

  6. WOW! Walking in faith is an exciting adventure daily! When we are willing, He is able to do far more abundantly than we can expect. Praise His glorious name!

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