Hello from Russia – 12010

Hello from Russia-

The Russia team continues to work extra hard in the summer heat.
Monday we had the opportunity to work alongside the entire Russian
team.  It was great to see how much our small team of 8 could
accomplish when they are joined by a team of 14.  We were able to tear
down an old shed on the property & organize the wood from the
structure to be repurposed around the property.  They also did a
series of landscaping projects.  Today the team worked alone but were
able to pour the concerte for the “5 D’s” obstecle.  There are about 5
more major projects that we need to complete before we leave on Sunday
evening & we’re praying that we will have the time to finish all of

Yesterday was our travel day in Ekaterinsburg.  It was great to see
the Russian Orthodox church that was constructed to commemorate the
location where Ztar Nicholas II and his family were killed.  The
church was built about 10 years ago & the structure was amazing.  Then
we traveled to a small souviner market where the team was able to pick
up a few items before traveling to the boarder between Russia & Asia.
Many photos were taken & memories were made!  We ended our time by
heading to IKEA and a very large Russian mall.  The team had fun
exploring sights and stores that reminded them of the US.  The boys
all enjoyed Big Macs from Mc Donalds & the girls went clothing
shopping.  It was a long day for us, as we boarded the bus at 6 am &
didn’t return until 10pm.

Tomorrow we have a special event set up at the cultural center in our
village.  The team will be having a “Russian/American exchange” where
they will be presenting different aspects of our respective cultures
to the community.  The team plans on playing at least one more soccer
game and working daily between now and Sunday in order to accomplish
all that is before us.  We will be boarding the bus on Sunday night at
10 pm in order to arrive in Ekaterinburg for our 5 am flight!!!
Please lift up the team as we travel, that the Lord will open doors
for them to share about what they have been doing all summer & for
whom they are doing it!

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