Madagascar doing evangelism

Every thing that has being  happening  is now  summed up in this verse ” … and you shall be MY WITNESSES, in Jerusalem and in all Judea an Samaria AND EVEN UNTO THE END OF THE EARTH” Acts 1: 8

Evangelism has now became like a life style for this team.  Every day we are looking forward in what way the Lord is going to use us to save people and he does.  Already the fact that we are foreigner is already being used by God to bring people’s attention to listen to what God has to say through us.
Last Monday we went to a small village in the evening to evangelize. We drew the attention of a nice sized crowd to began the presentation, we did some singing and drama followed by the message of Brian James. After the message we always offer a prayer for the sick and there were 43 decisions for the Lord.
Many people like to come to the boulevard at night here in Mahajanga and we felt that this will be a great place to witness. We had to push all the others programs early in the afternoon like Bible Study and stuff so that we can have more time at the Boulevard. We arrived at 6, and here it is dark already at that time, we spot a place and started to sing many songs, then people started to gather around us and when we had enough we would do drama and followed by the message of Brian James which of course is interpreted by Liva Rakotomalala in malagasy. We always have a salvation call by telling the people to raise their hands if they would like to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior  and on Tuesday there were 57 decisions and Wednesday there were 50 decisions, praise the Lord.
We always offer a prayer for the sick or anybody that needs prayer, and it is touching to see the needy people sick or having struggle in their lives, each one wait patiently for their turn as each one is prayed individually. Some of the problem people having were heart problem, blood pressure, HIV, etc.. there were taught to step out by faith to receive their healing and we trust the Lord to do the rest.
One man named Aderas came forward for prayer as he heard us calling. Aderas said that his life is a struggle he tried to run away from where he used to live but seems like the problem is following him. Aderas is 23 he has been in jail and his life was a mess, he was asked if he had received Jesus he said no so he accepted to receive Jesus Christ as we told him that this is the  only way to help him to have victory over the struggle he has. We then talked to him about Boot Camp which that are about to have here in Mahajanga, he showed up at the base and had a long talk with one of he staff about his life. He wants a new life, he has decided to write his name for the Mahajanga Boot-Camp and also wants to come for the BMW Bible school. It is really touching that the misery  life of this man is now about to be changed completely just because  the team was willing to be used to witness for Jesus there at the boulevard.
Also while we were at church last Sunday we were invited by a man to be at the American corner which is a place where some young peoples come to practice their English, so we went there and it was an awesome time to be able to have a conversation with them. We explained to them why we were here, some of our life and testimony, some were even able to share more about God and Brian started to pull out his Bible, there were quite a few who got interested in what he had to say.
The weather is perfect during the day, it gets cooler toward the morning,
Eilish Penner’s Testimony: Hello everyone! theh past couple of days have been amazing, on July 9th we went to a village to do EV and after  our presentation 43 souls were saved. The next couple of days were amazing we shared the Gospel and  tons of people got saved. 
Cassidy Clide ‘s Testimony: Since I have been in Madagascar, I have learned to be bold about faith. Through drama, songs and testimonies hundreds of people have been saved. We’ve ministered in villages that practice witchcraft and by busy streets. God has blessed our team by showing us His protection and love.


  1. Imagine what a world of bold young people could do for Chirst. Wonderful report!

  2. Chris Sufficool

    Praise the Lord for all the good works you are doing!!!! His blessing never cease!!! I am so glad to hear that things are going well!
    Love and Prayers to you all!!!

  3. You guys are awesome! We are praying every day, many times a day for miracles, conversions and safety.

  4. Wonderful update! God is so good.

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