Montana ministers at Indian Pow Wow – 12030

Greetings everyone, You know that Proverbs 11:30 says,The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. I want to start off with something exciting that happened. A girl on our team named Marina led a young boy, about 12, to Christ. It happened at an Indian Pow Wow last Saturday night. An Indian Pow Wow is a festival for the Native Americans. At these events there’s dancing along with authentic Indian music. The People there dress the same way one would see in books and television. At these Pow Wows the team partnered with another ministry called Montana Indian Ministries. All of us picked up trash and gave out cold water and hot coffee. The man who runs that, Bruce, said that in 3 years about 700 people got born again through this ministry. All glory goes to God. We can’t wait to see what God’s gonna do during our time here.
      Praise the Lord. At this point the floor to the cabin is almost finished and we also got one of the walls up. Other projects include burying an electrical line that’s out and building a clothesline out of wood. Last Sunday we had a Bible verse quiz-off. Joella got the most points out of everyone. We also went to church and the team did a presentation.This included music, puppets, testimonies, and dramas.
      The weather has been hot during the day and cold during the morning and night. We had just sprinkles of rain but not heavy rain. We praise the Lord that almost everyone has been in good health. The only two people are George V. and Clint. They’ve just been a little under the weather but they are improving. Pray that everyone will have good health.
      Your kids are a huge blessing to us and they are also a blessing to the people in Montana. Pray for team unity and love for each other and also pray that many Indians will get saved. Lord bless.
Written by Jacob Houghan:
Well Boot Camp is finally over and I made it to Montana alive. The scenery is beautiful and the culture is very interesting. I went to something called a Pow Wow last night. The dancing and singing was fun to watch.
      It is interesting to be here, but it I really miss home. I would appreciate a comfortable bed, air conditioning and a computer, but it is good to experience a couple of months without these luxuries. I hope that experiencing life without these things will make me more grateful for them when I come back.
      As hard as this is, it’s not nearly as hard as Boot Camp. The worst part of camp was the obstical course. I fell into the slough a couple of times, my feet were disgusting and hurt like crazy after that. Anhother thing that makes this place better than camp is the weather. In Florida I would sweat so much that my clothes would be soaked. To make it worse, the tents acted like green houses. In Montana I don’t sweat much and there are showers, so I don’t smell like rotten fish anymore. The plant and animal life was cool though. Every time I saw a lizard I thought of my pet. I can’t say I am enjoying this but, I am happy to be here.
Written by Chris Thompson:
 On the bus it was really fun! I really liked the bunks and going everywhere like Mt. Rushmore. On the bus it was nice to always have someone to talk to but towards the evening everyone starts to get tired and annoyed of everyone 🙁 The morning is the best part of the trip because everyone is so refreshed and it feels really good outside 🙂 to sum it up the bus is a really good way to see the country and get to know my team in the morning.


  1. Good, better, best,
    Never let it rest.
    Until your good is better,
    And your better best. 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve had lots of fun and have been working real hard for Him. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. HI, Chris!! So Great to see a pic of you 🙂
    I know God is working IN you and THROUGH you for His good pleasure this summer…conforming you to the image of His Son and gathering a people for His own possession! What a blessed experience this will prove to be.

  3. Kathy (Burdick) White

    Keep the updates coming! Love to hear what’s happening. God is always at work even when things are hard. When we seek Him we will find Him. Keep looking for the good in each other and loving each other as Christ as loved you. Proud of my kid and all the others on the AWESOME MONTANA TEAM. Thank you Leaders!

  4. Thank you for the update. Praise God for Marina, and thank you Marina for giving to the Lord. We may all rejoice that another has come home!
    What a wonderful experience to be invited to a Pow Wow and be able to serve in such a loving way.
    Sounds like your construction project is coming along nicely, you all look to be hard at work, keep it up!
    Congratulations Joella, super memory power! May God’s powerful word be ever present with all of you!
    Sure sorry to hear that George and Clint have not felt well and hope they were able to find some comfort.
    Thank you Jacob and Chris for your detailed descriptions. I appreciate hearing how your experiences are going.
    I am happy to hear that you seem to have more physical comfort in Montana. And have the luxury of showers! I am so glad you don’t have to bath in a bucket! And that the bus ride was so much fun!
    Again, thank you for the words and pictures!
    Pam Spinadel

  5. Phillipians 3:14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.
    Go Team Montana!!!

  6. Its so good to hear from the Montana team. Would love to see more pictures of the team. Sounds like God is up to some amazing things. Can’t wait to hear all about it. God bless:)

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