Sharing in Germany – 12007

Greetings in the Name of our Lord from Siloah Camp in Neufrankenroda, Germany! Hoping and praying all are well there and around the world.
The building is coming along very nicely, one side is complete and we have started on the back side. Evangelism is as opportunities arise, we are joined by several nationals each evening at our devotions, thez are eager to worship and have even played instruments with us! The weather has been rainy and cold.
The team visited Wartburg Castle on Thursday (July 12). It was a long walk to the top of the mountain (from the parking lot) but well worth it. We took an English tour, and then went shopping in Eisenach (the town below the castle). Robert and Betty Lane surprised us with a visit – they arrived Saturday afternoon, looked over the project site, our tent site and kitchen, ate dinner with us. On Sunday, they went to church with us, and Sunday afternoon, they left heading towards Poland. They said to make sure we let you know they were here and are well.
Our goals and future plans are to continue our building project and begin preparations to return to the TMI base. The building we are working on will be used by a group of 10,000 Royal Rangers this next weekend.
Church was attended in a near-by village at a Lutheran church that is over 900 years old.  Bob and Betty Lane attended with us.

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