Sudan finishing work – 12005

Today is Tuesday July 17.  The South Sudan team has three more working
days before they leave Goja on Friday.

The construction method is very different here as you would expect.
The foundation for the two room preschool was dug about 3 feet deep
and 2 feet wide.  A base of concrete was then laid.  A wall of brick
is then built five layers high which reaches above the ground surface.
(Note: the bricks are much larger here than in North America.  Their
dimensions are about 2″ x 5″ x 8″.)  The team’s goal remains to
complete the foundation and the pouring of the slab for the school’s
floor before they leave on Friday.

The team was visited on Monday by Pastor Henry from Yei,  He is a
Ugandan who fled to Sudan to escape the violence of President Ida Amin
of his home country during the 1980s. He later fled the war in South
Sudan by going to the nearby Congo.  Pastor Henry has started churches
in all three countries where he has lived.  He is now presenting
seminars to the youth of South Sudan about faith in God and their
responsibility to work hard to use the natural resources of South
The team members continue to be upbeat and to be working hard.

Ian Moon of California wrote:

“Although we’ve had many setbacks out team is making great headway.
..Overall we have grown so much with each other and as people.  Praise

The team continues to pray for God’s great
blessing and for personal experiences with Him.


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  1. Good job! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and how God has worked in all your lives.

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