Uganda team attends local service – 12026

Greetings from Uganda!

The team and all of the luggage has safely made it to the Teen Missions Nakabongo base. The team is enjoying staying in dorms while we work at the base before we leave to begin filming. For work the team has been moving bricks and leveling out dirt to help along with some new buildings at the base, including a new kitchen and dining room and a new boys dorm.

Coming to Uganda has been a very new and exciting experience for most of the team members. They enjoyed riding on the TMI truck from the airport in Entebbe through Kampala and on to Jinga. Elizabeth has the following to say about their first impressions of Africa:

“From the plane it was really cool, there were fields and it was really distinct looking and the water looked perfect. The TMI truck was amazingly awesome while we were riding it we saw a really busy city, with goats, lots of African people, lots of motorcycles surprisingly and all the vehicles looked the same. It was insanely smokey, sometimes. It was like a huge supermarket, with lots of shops on the side of the road. There were 4 glass shops and also lots of bananas and clothes for sale. It was the most awesome 5 hour truck ride of my whole life. P.S. I love you people.”

So far each morning the team wakes up at 7 am with breakfast and devotions (for 30 minutes) to follow. The team works during the day and also has classes. The team has enjoyed the Bible study classes and learning about specific topics they are interested in. For the first class they learnt about the oneness of God in the Trinity.

Each day a new team member is assigned to KP and to coordinate the team devos in the evening. Saturday was Aika Lau’s turn. For KP she had responsibilities such as making kook aid washing dishes helping to serve food and more. In the evening she had the opportunity to share her testimony with the team and how God has worked in her life. Team devos is a good time for the team members to get to share with each other how they Lord is working in them and express needs for prayer. Sunday (July 15) was Annesley Dehaver’s turn and Nick Piarno had his turn on Monday.

On Sunday the team had their first opportunity to go the church in Africa. At 9:30 they were dressed in their church clothes and walked up hill about 15 minutes to the church. Some of the Nakabango BMW students went with them. As that is the church they regularly attend) as well as some of the staff from the base. The church the team went to was Christ’s Church of Nakabango. The church filled up quickly with people of all ages, and soon the singing began. This was a wonderful experience for all the team embers. Nicholas Mullins sat close to the front and sometimes the lead singers would interact with him for the songs with actions. Many of the songs were in English which made it easy for the team members to join in even though the songs were new to them. The congregation sang about lifting Jesus high.

The church was small and had a tin roof with mud/clay walls, and windows without glass which let the breeze in. Surrounding the outside of the entire building however was 4 tall brick walls and during the end of the service we found out why. Pastor Wilson had 3 baskets for offering. One for the tithe, one for the youth and the last for the building. He then mentioned that if anyone in the congregation wanted to donate a sheet of tin for the roof of the new church building they could do that. You see, the four brick walls were for the new church. Pastor Wilson expressed gratitude for God providing so far for the new building. It was really neat to see their faithfulness because they began building the new church without all of the needed funds, they just trusted for God to provide for the rest. Much like team members the they pack and prepare to come to Boot Camp even without all their support they trust that God will supply their needs.


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  1. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    How amazingly awesome!!Liz,just like our God! Remember that Saturday
    morning when you threw your boot across the kitchen table and yelled I do not want to go to Africa. Well God and (grandma) knew best. I am thrilled you are all well and safe. It took a long time to hear from the team.We love you and miss you as do every other mom and dad does.
    Hug and kiss as many babies as you can for me.Hope the weather is not too cold or wet. Have read weather reports of Jinja and does not call for clear skies for a few days.We love you people more than you love us people!

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