Borneo visits Sosok Base for Commissioning – 12022

The team enjoyed watching the Commissioning service and trying Indonesian food at the Sosok base but traveled back to their project site in torrential downpours. Today the team is back to work on the project, almost all the poles are set and they are ready to pour the footer. We have seen lots of sunshine during the day and cooler evenings. The team is healthy and doing great, working very hard. Many of the team members are enjoying our time so much that they have started planning what team they will go on next year. Reagan has expressed an interest in attending the team to Australia. Nick shared during group devotions last night. Tomorrow, 8 BMW students from the Sosok base will come to join us working for the next couple of weeks. With another 14 Indonesian staff helping as well, we should accomplish a lot. The coordinator for all the Indonesian bases will be coming next week to see our progress. He will be able to take lots of pictures so you can get a better idea of how beautiful this place is. We are doing well, but keep praying!!



  1. It sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time! I think most of us parents would agree, that while we may miss you like crazy, we certainly feel like you are exactly in the center of Gods will there in Borneo! We are praying for your safety and health – and we know that God is working in your hearts to draw you closer to Him, as you are also ministering to the people of Indonesia and Malaysia. Be safe – know that you are making us proud!

  2. Praise the Lord that all are well! I can’t wait to see pics! Go Borneo Team! We love you guys and are so proud of all of your hard work for Christ! “He is God alone”!

  3. Praying for you all and seriously missing Aubrey!

  4. Sounds like you all are doing well! Thanks be to God. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to hear all the wonderful stories of what the Lord has done in your lives! I love you, Aubrey!

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