Greetings from Trinidad! 12031—3

Greetings from Trinidad! The team has been working so hard on the project, yesterday Tuesday they poured the floor. The truck didn’t get here till about 5:05pm, so they worked till it was done which was about 7:20pm and they all had good attitudes because they wanted to get it done. So tomorrow, Thursday, they will be starting to lay block and they are all excited to start making the walls.

Today we got to go to Maracas Bay. It was a long drive going through the mountains but there was some nice views that we got to take pictures of. The beach was beautiful and there was a nice breeze. Some of them got to go swimming and then they went shopping.

The weather has been really hot but it rains about everyday in the afternoon. There has been a few team members with colds.

On Tuesday, yesterday, the Pastor and his family invited the team to come to his house for pizza and soda. So after they finished pouring the floor, they cleaned up and then the team went to their house. They enjoyed talking to them and getting to know them more. At the end of the night the Pastor had a little devotions he shared with the team.

Testimony from one of the team members:

Chelsea Crotser writes:
Well I would say that I am lucky to have an easy day to write a report. Today is Wednesday and yesterday we had the joy of filling the pastors house with concrete. We got the privilege to have a concrete truck come and actually pour the concrete. This was  a total blessing because mixing the concrete ourselves would take so long, and we were blessed to just help a tiny bit here and there, not to mention someone covered the cost for the concrete and the trucks! Then today we got the privilege to travel to Maracas Bay and swim in the beautiful caribbean ocean. Many of us also had fun eating   bake n’ shark, a delicious food here and buying jewelry. But one thing for sure is that driving to Maracas Bay was an adventure! There are no road signs, they drive on the opposite side of the road, and their steering wheels are on the opposite side. Then they are crazy drivers on top of that, and the drive was winding through the mountains. It was one beautiful an crazy drive and we even got to stop a few times on the way to Maracas. The last few days have been amazing and I hope the rest of the summer is the same.



  1. Mama and Papa Schrader

    Glad to hear the Trinidad team is working well with the Lord and each other. We miss you and love you Christian. Mama ‘n Papa Schrader

  2. Mama and Papa Schrader

    Glad to hear the Trinidad team is working well with the Lord and each other. Hope you are having a good time too. We miss you and love you Christian. Keep up the good work and we will see you soon. Mama ‘n Papa Schrader

  3. Karen Tsoukalas

    Great pictures! What a blessing to hear about God working with the team on the project. And having some fun too! Love you Darian 🙂

  4. Thank you for the update and pics!! Miss you Sarah!! Love you!

  5. Thanks for the picture of my girl Haley! we miss you so much! so glad everyone has such a hard working spirit!! Glad you all are getting some down time too.

  6. Wow,the water looks great! Where is your picture D! I miss you dude.
    Love U,

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