Last day of construction in Sudan – 12005

Today is Thursday July 19, the last day of construction work in Goja,
South Sudan.  The team is doing two activities today: raising the
foundation walls with bricks and filling the spaces around the walls
below the ground level with dirt.  There have been two days without
rain, but still the truck carrying bricks to the work site got stuck in the
mud and was delayed by a day.

During recent evenings in the team devotions, Justin and Shannon
O’Hara, TMI missionaries in Uganda, described their spiritual walks.
Justin was greatly encouraged by men in his home church to be active
in Christian service and missions.  Shannon was led to a greater
Christian commitment while in her early 20’s.  They came to Uganda
recently and assisted the South Sudan team in its project.

The team travels by road to Koboko in northern Uganda tomorrow, then
has two days of tourist activities before going to Kampala for the
beginning of the flights back to the US on Monday.

This posting will conclude with the thoughts of two team members:

First, Gabriel Adams wrote:
“Our trip to South Sudan to build a pre-school is not what any of us
expected.  Delays in Uganda and even here at the work site have the
building progress.  We are all praying that God can make the best of
our time here, even if its not what we wanted or expected.”

Finally Abigail Miller wrote:

Dates: June 21-August 10, 2013 – 13016

“Today we continued working at the work site, mixing mortar, laying
bricks and fetching water.  I thought about all the things our team
has been through, from our delay in Uganda, to now being in South
Sudan.  Our stay here has been very interesting, everything is
different from the States.  Learning from the people’s lives, how
little they’re able to live on, and how much they’ve been through with
the fighting amazes me.

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