Lots to do in Montana – 12030

Greetings everyone. It looks like we’ve finally got some heavy rain. Last night we had to move the boys in the bus and the girls in a cabin for the night. Praise the Lord because the next day it was dry and we were able to dry everything out so we’ll be back in our tents tonight. As of right now we have three of the four walls up for the cabin and we should have the fourth one up in no time. next will be the trusses. The team absolutely loves building the cabin and it’s also a great learning experience for them.  Kyle, Clint, Joella, Aaron, Chris and maybe some other kids started a side project of building a trash dumpster. We used scrap wood and bent nails so we were able to put this together at no cost yet this trash dumpster will be very useful for the property. 
      Last night we as a team, as well as some other people, got to make s’mores. Every team member is getting a chance to share a sermon or testimony in the evening. We also have music right before that. The kids that have done that so far are Kalub, Aaron, Jeremiah, Jacob, and Samantha. It’s been a huge blessing hearing the team members share the things that the Lord has been teaching them. The past couple of evenings we’ve had the opportunity to take some time to pray for each other. We hear many different prayer requests from the team and that’s a great way to bring the team closer together. In the Word of God it talks about bearing one another’s burdens. We’ve been able to take some time and read some missionary biographies. Also during the day we have Bible studies. Some of our topics include controlling the tongue and we also did a lesson on Jonah.
      Pray for some of the future events coming up. We will be having a spaghetti dinner in honor of the person in charge of Montana Indian Ministries. Pray that God will have His hand of blessing on that event. Pray also for the Pow wows that are coming up in the near future. Pray that the Holy Spirit of God will use this team to lead many people to Christ. Thank you for your time in reading this and God bless.
Hello Everyone! We had a massive storm yesterday and almost all the tents ended up flat on the ground! Almost all of our stuff was soaked. The guys had to sleep in the bus and us girls slept in the Vanderpools cabin. We had just washed the bus too! My camera got fried unfortunantly. We got to make S’mores after-wards though. Well, please keep us in your prayers and keep sending us mail. Written by Katie Allen


  1. Just wondering about the Montana team.. Its been a while since we have heard anything. Hope all is well.

    Hey Danielle.. It’s your sister Autumn:) wasn’t sure if you could read these or not but I just wanted to tell you that I love you and miss you so much. You’re such a great person Dani and I look up to you for that.. I can’t wait until you come home!! Love you sissy!!

  2. Anthony,
    Am so proud and happy for you. Hey, Cameron got a job today. Don’t know what it is but at least it will help them.

    Went to see Ice Age today and like it except it made me motion sick
    because of the 3D.

    Keep up the good work and missing you.


  3. It’s good to see that everything’s ok after the storm. Great to see pictures of the team serving. Still haven’t seen any of my daughter, but I’m sure she is having a great time. God bless!

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