Malawi Guitar wrapping things up – 12001

With 4 days left the team is starting to wrap things up.

This past week the team members got the opportunity to help with the Malawian Preteen Boot Camp. They all got assigned to an obstacle to judge on the Obstacle Course. They also have been teaching the Malawian preteens guitar in the afternoons, along with teaching an afternoon class called Control Class. Daniel, Carli, and Andrew have been teaching Volleyball while Anderson, Wynter, and Tabitha are teaching Crafts. Becky, Tiffany, and Nathan are teaching Coloring and Talon, Shaanthi, and Meredith are teaching Games. These classes are to equip the preteens when they go out on to their projects how they can teach these same things as well as learn to control themselves in different activities. During the mornings this week we have been going to nearby villages and doing some evangelism. We have been doing more of a personal evangelism, talking to people one on one throughout the villages and even Salima town.

The weather has still been sunny, mild coolness in the morning.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are planning on going on our safari. Everyone here is very excited, we will be leaving early tomorrow morning then spending the night in the park and coming back the next day. We will be staying in what they call ‘tents’ but in actuality it is a very nice room with a canvas roof, mosquito netted walls that you can see through. We will even have hot water, Lord willing, in the inbuilt bathrooms!

‘As God constantly reminds me, His plans are not mine–as I experienced this past week. Sunday night I got sick and spent Monday and Tuesday in bed- the ‘sick tent’. It was hard, lonely, and I felt terrible and missed home, and it was the hardest part of this whole trip. I’m now out of bed but not 100% yet. I was feeling bad about how helpless and useless I was being, but how weak- oh yeah, WEAK. That thing I have been reading about that I am supposed to boast in so God’s strength is made perfect? Right, God YOU are in control not Carli. Carli is weak. Gladly.’-Carli Bennett

‘This last week here at the base has been fun, it has been a really good experience getting to work with the Malawian Preteens who have their own Boot Camp. I got to be the slough judge and have seen some pretty awesome splashes! It is sort of bittersweet knowing we have to leave soon, but I know God has work for us to do wherever we go.’ – Anderson Tyree





  1. I wanted to say it is a wonderful thing all these young teens are doing and that I am so proud of my daughter Meredith Chatfield and cannot wait until she is back home. I miss you Meredith more than you will ever know. I cannot wait to hear your voice again. Safe Travels.

  2. Jennifer Saylor

    I hope you are okay Carli and that you got to see a doctor. Take no chances. I will be praying for you for strength and recovery.
    So good to hear about each of the teens specifically. I like this type of report the best. I am so glad that you all are training the nationals to share the Gospel. You can give someone a fish for a day or teach them to fish for a life time. Praise God that Jesus has called us to be “Fishers of Men!!”

    I miss you Talan. (I wish they would spell his poor little name right, haha)

  3. So happy to hear this report. Have fun on your safari. You have all done an awesome job!

  4. Oh my. Hard to read that Carli has been sick, but glorious how God is working through this to pull her to Himself.

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