Navisted (hello) from India! 12004

Navisted (hello) from India!

The team has already started packing their duffels with their souvenirs that they have purchased for friends and family. As much as we miss those at home we have found that we are going to miss the people here as well. The team has had a lot of time with the BMW students teaching them some of the many things that they have learned at boot camp, such as puppets, music, evangelism and also drama. Rachel, we find is very good at teaching music, and the students have also been able to teach the team some Telegu songs and some of their games (Gabe really enjoyed these). During this time they have been able to grow closer to the BMW’s and will have a hard time leaving them.

Not only has the team been showing a lot of talent in teaching the students, but they have also had opportunities to present programs at some schools that have over 300 kids which was a very exciting experience for them. Evan especially liked it when the children would ask him for an autograph. The team has also been able to plant some fruit trees for the schools, which was a blessing for the schools and also for the team! After a long day of presentations our team has very much enjoyed having a good Indian meal that is sometimes provide for them by the many hospitable pastors or teachers of the schools. They have also neglected to lose weight due to Kate’s meals, which are very “yumm”!

As our time here comes quickly to a close, please keep us in your prayers. Continue to pray for our safety and that we will shine bright for Christ here in the land of India!

With much love,

The India Team

Not to us, O Lord not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

Psalm 115:1


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  1. WOW, Thanks God……you are coming back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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