Work continues in Malawi – 12074

The sun is coming up over Lake Malawi. The Malawi Preteen Team is stirring in their tents. Warm hot cocoa is calling their names as they awake to another day to serve the Lord. We start our mornings with washing clothes, so when the afternoon sun comes out they are on the line. Then it if off to breakfast and devotions. Then our morning of work begins. Janae, Ethan and Alex have done a wonderful job carrying water for the garden. Gabriela, Nadia and Shyann did a great job at sowing the seeds. Jeremiah and May did a good job carrying the post for the fence. Speaking of the fence the team got one side up! I was a very proud leader watching them work together as a team. They also got some of the seeds in. They have planted onions, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce.

On Wednesday we where able to hand out coloring books to the orphans. The team had a fun time coloring with them, while sharing about the love of Jesus. The Malawi children love learning the names of the team members and will yell out to them. Our afternoons are spent playing with over 50 kids dressed in rags with no shoes, but with the biggest smiles on their faces. Then it is off to Bible study, bath time (which they need!) Supper and evening devotions. By the time us leaders call lights out the kids are already asleep.

On Sunday we walked 15 kilometres round trip to church. The team sang and did puppets, Beth did a good job being the song leader. The church was very happy to have the team come and share. Then after church we walked into a village where we found a small shop with ice cold cokes! The team enjoyed it very much and helped with the long walk back. Along the way to church the team passed many small grass huts where the people would come running out to wish us a good morning.

Our team had a talk about leaving their tents unzipped! Miss Michaela found two that where not zipped all the way. Then we had to have the talk about friends coming into their tents during the day. Some of the boys of the team where excited about the fact that a snake might come in! The girls on the other hand had NO wishes for anything to come into their tents! Needles to say it was a fun and serious talk at the same time.

Malawi Preteens

Malawi Preteens

So after the talk I think all the tents will stay ZIPPED!

We are thankful for all of you that are praying for us! God is doing great things and we are blessing to have a part in His work! To God be the glory!



  1. Hi there
    We are happy to read the update. We sponsored Janae and wondered if you could say hello from Sue, Steve and Nicole Ramage.
    Also, tell her her Mom, Dad, sisters and Grandma miss her tons.
    Sue Ramage

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