53 people saved in Indiana – 12071

Well time is going fast. We are almost to the end of our second week of fairs. This week we are doing survey and presenting God’s ABC’s at Clay County Fair in Illinois and Warrick County Fair in Indiana. Up to date we have surveyed over 538 people and had 53 say YES TO JESUS. This is amazing. Sometimes the kids get discouraged when the fairs are not busy or people are not responding to them. Please pray fervently for the team that God will work miracles and handpick individuals to cross the paths of these eager preteens to present the GOSPEL. On Monday, we were all at the Clay County fair, so some of the kids sang with Miss Jessica while the others surveryed. We had 3 salvations that night and found out later that Ellie was the one who was priveleged to bring all 3 to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But we remind ourselves it is GOD WHO SAVES not us.
We did have some struggles in the middle of our week as a team, but God gets the glory because he brought us through it all.
Today we were able to go to HOLIDAY WORLD, which is a amusement park. All the kids had fun. It was awesome to just enjoy the company of the kids and leaders.
I apologize that this update is much shorter than the others. I will write more in the next update.
Please pray for each team member: Lucas, Alana, Jessica, Sean, Rebecca, Ellie, Nate, Elise, Zach,  Elijah. Some of our kids have been sick and some of our kids are dealing with some personal issues. I see God trying to bring healing to some of their lives and hearts, but sometimes in order to heal, first a wound has to be exposed and that hurts. So please pray for each one of them. Also pray that they continue to be BOLD and FOCUSED in their opportunities to share the Gospel.Indiana arrives at Debrief


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  1. Thank you so much for the two updates today! Very exciting to hear all that’s going on. Thanks for taking such good care of our kids. We got 4 of Elise’s letters in the mail yesterday and she said that the leaders are like parents to her. That made my mommy-heart feel good.:)

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