Cambodia – 12002

We have had a busy couple of days, but had no computer or internet. Wednesday and Thursday we spent in a small village where one teacher has diligently been holding classes in English every night for the past year. We planted a few rows of coconut trees during the day then helped teach both the beginner class from 5-6pm and the advanced class from 6-7pm. The family who hosted us on their property was very generous and cooked us a meal of goat. It was delicious. They also brought us treats of sweet waffles and rice with banana.

Friday we traveled down to Phnom Penh to spend some time before our flight Saturday. We will spend the night at the same church we were at our first night in Cambodia. We spent the morning at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The former school was the center for detention and brutal interrogations created under orders from Pol Pot just 35 years ago. Friday afternoon was spent waiting for the last few clothes to dry and doing a final pack before our flight.

We have had a great time and experienced so many things in such a short time here. We moved five times, met some great people, and made friends with the staff and students at Teen Missions in Cambodia. We taught English to hundreds of kids these past few weeks and spoke to so many different people about why we are here. Now we are looking forward to spending some time in Hong Kong and then meeting up with everyone at Debrief.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Victoria Profio- On Tuesday, we worked in a rice field! Our job was to work in the rice paddies and plant rice stalks in the mud and water. It was a ton of fun. The whole field we worked in would make 100 pounds of rice that would sell for $25.00. Crazy! Later that night, after dinner, we went frog hunting in the field. We also ended us hunting snails and frogs.

Larissa Pingley- Coconuts! Rice! I learned to plant both. Rice was very enjoyable to plant. Coconuts we had to dig down about 6 inches and loosen up the soil and it has to be lined up with the other rows. It’s harder than it sounds because if you mess up, you have to start over, and it takes literally forever.


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