Cameroon in Benakuna – 12015

Tuesday we enjoyed our second and last day of putting all our own Boot Camp training into practice and trained the Cameroon teams.

Wednesday we loaded up and headed to the Telling the Truth rescue unit in Benakuna. It is a three hour drive. We arrived nearly four hours later due to a need to repair something small on the one bus. We set up our tents did our required classes and fellowshipped with the facilitators.

After breakfast and morning devos we walked one hour into the village where we have been granted permission to use the town grand stand to hold our clinics. We still had to visit two men so the team did a few open air presentations and talked with the people around town. We played games with the children and the team enjoyed buying their first cokes. Tomorrow and Saturday we will run eyeglass and medical clinics the entire day. Many of the commissioners, the mayor, and the head of police are coming because they need reading glasses themselves.

The team loves the new baby goat here at the unit. She is two weeks old. We are all loving this beautiful country. We are so proud of this team they sing very well and are doing such a great job.

Thank you for your prayers


  1. Love hearing about how the Lord is using the team. We think of you OFTEN during each day, and with each thought, comes a prayer for God’s blessing on you.

  2. My heart is filled with so much joy at this posting….our GOD is so awesome and mighty! I can only imagine what those “angelic” voices must sound like. Praise be to JESUS alone for the impact you all are making for the good of our LORD JESUS!! How fun to see and play with a baby goat too! And to know they have real Coke’s….oh my!! Thank you LORD for giving this team joy while they work for YOU!! Blessings and of course a hug to Treyton from Grandma 🙂

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