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Rain during the first part of the week has left the camp a virtual swamp.  We are thankful for some sun, and accompanying warm weather, to dry everything up. Yesterday a lot of laundry was done now that there is a likelihood of things drying.

This week the team has been involved with a local 5-day club held in a nearby home.  The team members have enjoyed the interaction with the kids who attend. Tomorrow a BBQ will conclude the club.

On Monday and Tuesday we spent a good bit of time working on the camp.  Sam & Autumn started the painting project in what will eventually be the Welcome Center.  Elizabeth & Kymberly painted one of the cabin floors.  Josiah & McKenzie dug & hauled a lot of dirt to help fill watery holes around the cabins.  Lauren & Claire worked on sorting shoes to eventually send to AIDS orphans in Africa.  Aidan worked on several different projects.

Yesterday the team made a presentation at a local senior living facility.  Autumn, Sam & Elizabeth shared their testimonies.  Aidan played the bongo.  Perhaps most importantly, the team spent about an hour afterward visiting with the residents.  The team members commented later about how much they enjoyed the time. Today (Thursday) a similar presentation is being made at another residence.

What is something God has been teaching you since coming to Teen Missions?
“What God has been teaching me this summer is how to respect Him and love Him more, and how to tell more about His love and Word.”  –Autumn

“What God has been teaching me is about contentment because right now we don’t have a lot of the things we usually have at home.  And God is helping us realize that is how some people live.”  –Aidan



  1. Earl Duane Brown

    I am so glad that McKenzie (or Kenzie as her friends and family call her) is having a great time. As her Father, I know that she has made friends with everyone on her team and gives Hugs to everyone! She has not worked this hard in a long time. I am very proud of you Kenzie!!

  2. This is Aidan’s aunt Sheila, sitting here with Aiden’s parents who shared this link with me. It is exciting to hear how you all are allowing God to use you all in such tangible ways. Aidan, I loved your comment about how God is showing you that not everyone lives as we do. You are learning that at a very young age. It will be neat to see how God uses this experience to prepare you for what He has planned for your life. Keep up the great work. We will keep you in our prayers. What a great experience. Love, Sheila

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