China doing English Camp – 12019

We are in the middle of our first English Camp. We were expecting 40 campers. However, there was an accident at another camp in China and that scared off many of those that registered. We had 13 show up for camp and seven are orphans. This has been a stretching experience for all of us. We are all learning to be flexible and the team is trying to learn how to manage their time. It is exciting to see some of the team members spend every spare minute with the campers.

Some of the team members are involved in teaching English. Others are involved in activities such as archery and bike riding. The climbing wall is finished and the campers had their first experience climbing it today. Their experiences of being “spotters” on the wall at Boot Camp prepared them well for this activity.

Meal time is a highlight. The team members are able to choose from Chinese or American cuisine. The campers seem to enjoy the American food—especially the desserts. Now if we could just get them to understand the concept of waiting until “seconds” is called before coming back for seconds.

On Monday, they did a “midnight hike” (from 8:30 – 11 PM). Last night was a talent show and tonight they will be having water balloon fights.

Everyone is very tired, but hanging in there. Please pray that the team will finish strong. This camp is over on Saturday afternoon the next camp begins on Monday afternoon. We hope to go into the local town on Saturday night for a little shopping. The camp is expecting 40 campers next week.

Everyone sends their greetings.




  1. Earl Duane Brown

    I am Maddie’s (Madison Brown) Father and I love and miss you alot Maddie! I am very proud of you and want you to keep giving it your all for this mission.

  2. In everything give thanks! We are thankful for those 13 kids that God brought to the camp last week. We know that God planned for those kids to be there for all of you to share with. Praying for you this weekend as you all get a little break and prepare for the next group of students! We trust God to bring the kids He wants you to touch!! Praying for you all to stay energized to serve with your whole hearts!! Love and praying for you all! Angie, we miss you but are so excited for your experience! 🙂 Hugs from Mom 🙂

  3. Whether there is 13, 40 or just 1 Christ came for all. It is good to hear the team is doing well. Kayla we love and miss you.


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